After her husband’s death, are unable to arrange a personal life

At 21 she married, and at 24 became a widow. Husband died, leaving me to the ninth week of pregnancy. I was born a healthy beautiful daughter, very like her father. Now she is already 6 years, and I never made the personal life. First, it was necessary to bear and give birth to a child, then find a job with a good salary. All this I have achieved. Over the years were men, but none of them wanted to have a family life – they felt me as a prop and support, but I’m not in them. Now I live by the principle: better to be alone than with anyone. Really want love and affection, but I’m afraid of running into another gigolo, so get acquainted reluctantly. Although by nature I am very cheerful and open person.

Tatiana, 31 years

После смерти мужа, не могу устроить личную жизнь

You persevered in a difficult situation, you are all well. If the relationship with her husband was very warm and reliable to deal with loss takes time. You have experienced a serious injury, and it was impossible to expect that again soon to be ready to communicate with the opposite sex. On the other hand, you have the experience of a quality relationship, so you do not accept men who don’t conform to your wishes.

I think you don’t need to be afraid with someone to meet, there’s nothing dangerous. Just give yourself as much time to develop relations as you need. Not in a hurry, look for a new friend, learn more of him. Do not rush to give someone the support, do not rush to meet everyone’s expectations and even more so to guess them. A decent man who needs a wife, not a “feature”, not going to make you check and won’t settle for your account.

As you could see, the biggest problem is not that you can’t “fit”. It’s hard to find someone who will like you. But such a person will meet.

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