Port wine (Porto wine portwein, Porto) is a fortified wine produced in Douro river mouth (in Spain it is leaking called the Duero), in the main port of Portugal – Porto.

Strictly speaking, port wine “Matures” in Vila Nova de Gaia, city of the twin Port, which is located on another left Bank of the Douro and is connected by bridges with the Port.

All other so-called port, just the usual fortified wine.

Port wine is a drink with character, stubborn and conservative. The Portuguese say that this wine can only result in spite of. Despite the bad weather and inconvenient location of the vineyards. The fact that the banks of the Douro is very steep and high, vines growing under extreme conditions – on the narrow terraces and higher than recommended. Plus the extraordinary summer heat in this region. Manually the grapes are not only harvested, but also take to the river, because no amount of technology can drive in the mountainous terrain.

Traditionally grapes are crushed underfoot, in order to prevent damage to the bones which give unusual taste of the wine. Currently, the machines are able to gently handle the grapes.

The port is divided into red and white, aging, young and “vintage”. Ruby port, young and dense, bright ruby color, obtained by mixing different wines of a single harvest. Aged Tawny color has a Golden, character – hard and arrogant. But the pearl of all the ports is, of course, Vintage, very rare, because every year, even yielding, called the year of “vintage”.

Caloric port is 163 kcal / 100 ml drink.

The composition of the port

The chemical composition of the port includes: vitamins B2 and PP, as well as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and sodium.

Use of port

Port and served as an aperitif, with fruit or melon, and as the conclusion of the meal, with desserts, especially chocolate based. Port wine is commonly poured from bottles, the walls of which necessarily there is a thick sludge. The glasses for port choose quite high, in the shape of a Tulip, something between wine and cognac.

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