May 25, 2024

Portia’s Style Is Dividing the Internet for the Wrong Reasons

We’re able to see this very clearly. Portia embodies a crop of the younger generation that is outwardly figuring themselves out. Some of us just aren’t dealing with existential dread while on an expensive resort vacation with an incredibly codependent boss.

In the grand scheme, Portia’s style is chaotic, and she definitely makes some interesting choices. But strong choices are better than no choices in fashion, right? Fashion mistakes are in toe with Gen Z, especially as trends hit their peak cycle in the zeitgeist.

We can judge Portia’a outlandish fashion faux pas the same way older generations look back on the style choices their younger selves carefully curated. Whether she dons clashing prints from Urban Outfitters or walks the Sicily streets with her String Ting perfectly dangling, Portia’s fashion is a curated collection of the Gen Z essence.

I can name at least 30 Gen Zers I’ve come across wearing the exact combination of flowy dress, Nike Air Force 1s, and frilly church socks at college campuses across the country, New York included. Sorry to the fashion girls.

Even outside of the city, there are a few Instagram influencers I follow who dress exactly like her and receive next-level support and #outfitinspo comments. So, is it just Haley’s chaotic portrayal on screen that makes Portia’s outfits slightly less bearable?

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