Boletus dried

Boletus (berezovik) belongs to the genus Leccinum and grows from early summer to late autumn in light deciduous, mainly birch, and mixed forests, singly and in groups. Very often growing on the edges of forest roads.

Cap up to 15 cm in diameter, hemispherical, later podosenova, glabrous or finely tomentose, dry, in wet weather slightly mucous of various colors, from light gray to dark brown, almost black. The flesh is white, on the fault line color does not change, sometimes a little pink, with a pleasant mushroom smell and taste.

If you compare the taste and aroma of mushrooms of different drying modes, then a more pleasant taste and a clean mushroom aroma is formed by heat drying at a temperature not above 50°C. When dried boletus do not lose beneficial properties, unless the high-temperature drying.

Dried mushrooms are very hygroscopic and should be stored in clean, dry, well ventilated area, preferably with a constant temperature.

The caloric value of dried boletus is 231 calories per 100 grams of product.

Useful properties of dried boletus

As fresh, dried boletus useful.

Boletus contains dietary fiber, which have a cleansing effect. They also benefit the musculoskeletal system, due to the phosphoric acid, which also affects the production of specific enzymes. They are very useful in the fight against viruses and stress, as well as transportorul oxygen in the red blood cells in hemoglobin. And that’s not all, he is a natural antioxidant, removes malware cholesterol, protects from the negative effects of alcohol, Smoking and prevents premature aging.

Dried boletus is very useful to use in children during growth, pregnant and lactating women, but only in moderation.

Harm dried boletus

Dried boletus can cause harm in the case of individual intolerance, but also excessive consumption.

Dried boletus in cooking

Dried boletus is not used as a separate meal, often added to soups, used as toppings for pizza and pies, including preparing sauces, gravies, combine with vegetables and meat.

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