PLL star Lucy Hale and the Queen have this beauty favourite in common

Hale’s nails are in good company. Ballet Slippers is famously the only shade to grace the Royal nails as the Queen’s go-to nail colour. Keeping it in the family, Kate Middleton is also a fan. A lover of neutral toned nails, Kate even wore the gorgeous natural shade of soft pink on her wedding day, though the jury’s out on whether they shared the same bottle.

Lucy Hale is one of our ultimate beauty icons. From her immaculate brows to her flawless hair, we can’t get enough of her look.

Just when we thought we couldn’t love the Pretty Little Liars star more, the down to earth actress revealed that nail polish she can’t live without is none other than high street brand Essie.

“I love Essie nail polishes” explained Hale in an interview with People magazine.

“When it comes to colours, I typically keep it natural” citing Essie’s Ballet Slippers as her favourite shade.

Lucy Hale, Kate Middleton and the Queen might not sound like a likely trio to share a nail polish but their shared love of Essie is proof that the perfect neutral can work for everyone.

Hale also explains that she washes her face four times a day and follows a daily 15 step skincare routine.

As well as daily use of a great toner – Bioloique Recherche Lotion 50 is her fave – Hale swears by daily application of SPF 50 sun cream to protect her skin.

“I never skimp on sunscreen, even when it’s cloudy out,” she revealed. “I love that SkinCeuticals Physical UV Matte Defense SPF 50 has a matte finish.”

When she’s on the road, Hale treats her hair to a rich conditioning hair mask, swearing by the Kristin Ess Strand Strengthening Reconstructive Moisture Mask to counteract the effects of traveling.

“When I travel, the water is so drastically different than what my hair is used to, so I have to make sure that I bring a deep conditioning mask. This one created by my hairstylist Kristin Ess is really amazing,” she explains. The mask is sold at Target, so anyone can get their hands on it, even if Ess isn’t your actual stylist.

Have you got a neutral nail polish that you swear by? Tell us and the Queen might even try it for her next manicure.

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