Pixie Geldof’s simple guide to leading a more sustainable life is so inspiring

The star, who is working as an ambassador and creative developer for Project 0 – a global movement supported by renowned scientists, business leaders, campaigners, activists, ocean experts and individuals, who are all working together to restore and protect the ocean – has shared her guide to living a little more sustainably with.

Whether people are opting to go vegan, buy sustainable fashion or overhaul their beauty regime with cruelty-free products, the movement to live a more sustainable life is gaining more and more momentum.

One famous face leading the charge is Pixie Geldof, who is passionate about the cause and wants to encourage people to live a more sustainable life.

“My love for the ocean sparked my sustainable side”

I’ve been fascinated by the ocean for as long as I can remember, sharks have always been a great love for me. I find the ocean inspiring and peaceful, it’s very much where I’m most at home, so it’s very important to me. But certainly in the past 7 or 8 years, that fascination has developed into a passion and something I enjoy learning more and more about.

“I do what I can to live a more sustainable life”

I just do my best. I think with sustainability, you just have to do what you can. For me, the main thing I do is living on a plant-based vegan diet. The meat and dairy industries are so damaging to the planet. In fact, an Oxford study, which is the most comprehensive study to date about the impact of farming on the planet, said that “avoiding meat and dairy is the single biggest way to reduce your impact on earth”

“Here’s what you can do to live a more sustainable life”

You can go vegan, say no to plastic when possible and turn the tap off when washing your face and brushing your teeth.

When it comes to your beauty regime, try to buy products sold in aluminium or glass rather than plastic bottles, buy vegan beauty products and always buy cruelty-free!

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“The industry needs to be more transparent about how they make their products”

I think transparency is important, there should be more information about what goes into making the clothes and beauty products. Information is key when it comes to educating yourself of course, and knowing what to look out for, but it’s very personal to the individual I think. At the end of the day, it’s a consumer-driven industry and therefore it’s up to the consumer to demand more from their brands. The best way to tell a brand you don’t want them using certain materials or continuing to use certain practices, such as animal testing, is to tell them with your wallet, and stopping buying those products and from that company.

“These are the sustainable brands I can’t live without”

I’m a huge fan of Cover FX make up – they’re a vegan and cruelty-free brand. I think that The Body Shop are amazing, and Dr. Martens vegan boots are banging, I wear mine every day.

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“In five years’ time, I hope…”

That there will be even more vegan clothing and footwear out there. I hope that plastic has become completely absent from supermarkets and stores. I also hope that the problem of overfishing is being addressed in the same way that plastic is being discussed now. And I sincerely hope that animal testing has been made illegal worldwide.

“Tell me about your work with Plastic 0”

I actually started as an ambassador, but I loved what Project 0 do so much I now work full time in creative development for them.

The pop-up is an amazing space that we hope will educate and inspire people about the ocean and our Pass On Plastic campaign, which is based around the reusable range of products designed by some of our wonderful ambassadors. The range is there to help you eliminate single-use plastic from your daily life, there are coffee cups, water bottles, cutlery wraps (my fave), beeswax (instead of clingfilm) and tote bags. It makes it very easy to say “I’ll pass” if you’re offered single-use plastic.

Carnaby is so iconic and it’s such a central hub of London and has incredible foot traffic. We get so many people walking by and becoming intrigued about what and who we are, they come in and leave feeling passionate and excited to help. It’s really something.

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