Dark beer

Beer – low-alcohol beer, brewed from water, malt, hops and yeast. And the most important place in the quality of the beer is just water, that’s why, when choosing a place for the brewing industry, smart owners looking for a artesian wells with clean water.

But the color of beer depends on the degree of roasting of the malt and the amount of dark malt used in brewing. Malt can be caramel, chocolate, burnt, and, accordingly, the color and taste of the beer will vary.

Dark beer has a recognizable bitter taste of hops, oddly enough, with hints of sweetness. No wonder the dark beer is often called “velvet,” his preferred ladies, considering the taste of light beer is too sharp and primitive.

The most famous dark beer is a porter, which has strongly pronounced aroma and rich taste. Also the favorite brand of dark beer is considered a stout – very dark color beer with a slight coffee aftertaste. All known dark ale is the oldest dark beer, along with water and onions was a staple in Ancient Sumer. The March beer is not so common and popular, has a higher alcohol content.

Calorie dark beer is an average of 48 kcal per 100 ml drink.

Composition and useful properties of beer dark

Chemical composition of dark beer includes vitamins B2 and PP, as well as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and sodium. Dark beer contains large amounts of iron, therefore it is recommended for anemia and low hemoglobin levels.

Drinking dark beer

Serve dark beer made in the groups or in special tall glasses with a thick bottom. Pour a beer, raise a glass or mug at an angle, slowly pouring the drink to the foam flowed over the edge. Traditionally the dark beer pastries with coarse salt (pretzel), grilled sausages and sausagesKi, baked pork knuckle.

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