July 18, 2024

Photo of boys stopping, to recite Pledge of Allegiance as flag is raised, at fire department goes viral

Two young people took the time to stop playing and recite thePledge of Allegianceas a flag was raised at Roseboro Fire Department in North Carolina – and now the moment is going viral.

The photo, which was shared on Friday by the Roseboro Fire Department, shows two boys who stopped at an intersection in their town with their hands over their hearts, as Chaplain Bobby Herring was raising the U. S. flag.

“This afternoon as Chaplain Herring was raising the U. S. flag to full staff, he looked over to the intersection and saw these two young people standing there with hands on their heart saying the pledge of allegiance,” the post read. “God bless our community. ”

The boys, who according to Raleigh,N. C. , news stationWRAL are cousins, were riding their scooter and hoverboard,respectively, when they noticed the flag being raised.

A moment captured by a chaplain is going viral. It shows two young people who stopped playing and said the Pledge of Allegiance as a flag was being raised at a fire department.

The original post has been shared nearly 3,000 times and received a number of heartwarming comments.

Roseboro Fire Department identifiedthe boys on Monday as Derrick Tyrone Ingram Jr. and Thomas Edwards Jones Jr. , theCharlotte Observerreported, and their act has left their family proud. “My son and my nephew,”Ladii J Ingram shared on the Facebook post. When told she should be proud of her son and nephew, she responded, “I am, this made my whole day. ” Others heaped on praise, writing, “Thank you for instilling respect in your young men! ”

“Their response was taught, and taught well,”posted one person. “Please congratulate these young men for the respect they showed our great flag and our great nation. They are setting the example for others to follow. ”

“The fact that they stood there showing respect without being prompted to do so says a lot about how they are being raised, anotherwrote on the fire department’s Facebook post.

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