P&G’s ‘Pregnant Women Can’ Campaign Says Enough With The Unsolicited Pregnancy Advice

When it comes to pregnancy, it seems everyone has an opinion. Whether it’s your mom, some rando at the grocery store, or that one girl on Facebook you haven’t seen since high school, there’s a line of people that want to guide you on what you should – or better yet, shouldn’t – do when expecting.

Don’t eat this, don’t do that, and – gasp! – that is a definite no. So, leading up to Mother’s Day, Herbal Essences is encouraging moms-to-be to celebrate all the things they can do with their new campaign, “Pregnant Women Can.”

In a national survey conducted in partnership with Wakefield Research, new mothers revealed that they received unsolicited advice from an average of 20 people while they were pregnant. Over 60 percent of new moms were advised not to exercise when they were carrying, even though exercise is totally safe for most pregnant women, and 59 percent said they were told not to eat the same foods. Funnily, nearly 50 percent were told not to complete the same household chores (remind me who’s going to do them then?).

However, this new chapter in life evokes a new kind of confidence with 65 percent of expecting moms admitting they feel more confident than ever. So, to prove that pregnancy doesn’t mean pausing your passions, the brand released a video that highlights what real women were able to accomplish while pregnant despite often hearing that they “can’t.” In it, you’ll see women working, lifting, dancing, surfing, performing, and more. Oh yea, and apparently, we’re busy making over 4 million new humans, too!

“Harnessing the power of nature to create something incredible has always been in Herbal Essences’ DNA. We want to celebrate women as the powerful forces of nature they are, which becomes even more awe-inspiring when she’s expecting,” Kate Voyten, Herbal Essences Brand Director, said in a statement.

Herbal Essences has also partnered with over 100 influencers, including the brand’s celebrity hairstylist Bridget Brager, Laura Reynoso of Spanglish Fashion, and Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott, who will share the amazing things they were able to accomplish while pregnant.

When it comes to balancing life while pregnant, Scott admits that you do need both voices: “You need the voices who are pushing you and you need the voices, like your mama’s, who are asking if you are overdoing it,” the singer-songwriter and mother of three said at a campaign event yesterday. “Then you find somewhere in the middle – the balance.”

When it came to her pregnancy, Scott was all about making choices that she felt good about, saying that she felt much more confident while pregnant. Scott welcomed twin daughters, who joined her 4-year-old daughter Eisele Kaye, with husband Chris Tyrrell in January.

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