Personalised supplement sachets are the future of vitamins

Once upon a time, we’d only pop a supplement if prescribed for some sort of deficiency. Symptoms vanished, and so did the pills.

Today, if your handbag doesn’t rattle a telltale tune of vitamins C, D, B E, backed up with a botanical chorus of ginseng, echinacea and ginkgo biloba… well, you probably have a cold.

Meanwhile those on the all-natural pill path have noticed your snotty nose, smiled smugly, and resisted the temptation to tell you they haven’t so much as sneezed in three years.

It’s all about prevention over cure. Sure, nothing will compare to a whack of co-codamol when bedridden with a migrane, but if an occasional cocktail of magnesium and riboflavin means never having to experience that all-too-familiar ache behind the eyes again, surely it’s worth a shot.

Personalised supplement sachets are the future of vitamins

The problem is, we have absolutely no clue where to start. Two seconds in Holland Barrett and we’ve already rushed out the door, following the unanswerable question, ‘can I help?’ Well yes, I’m sure you can, but I have absolutely no idea what to ask you for, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t really fancy disclosing the symptoms of my possible IBS in public.

That’s where Vive Wellness comes in. Eradicating the need for said mortifying moment, this online vitamin selector is your anonymous access to a team of expert nutritionists. After a series of in-depth questions that take just five minutes to complete (and yes, be prepared to answer a few about poo), this clever system generates your personalised prescription of vitamins, plus a handy little explanation for each. Definitely worth a whirl, even if just to answer satisfying question about skin concerns *daydreams about gulping away wrinkles*.

So, at this point, you have one of two options. Read up, take note, and bulk buy some potentially cheaper pellets on Amazon, or make the most of the straight-to-door service and pretty damn reasonable price (approx £30), safe in the knowledge that all Vive vitamins are gluten, lactose preservative-free, non GMO, and without fillers or bulking agents.

If you do go for option two, the chic one-a-day sachets are perfect for popping in your handbag. Rattling sound not included, but don’t worry – those vitamin veterans will take one look at your new, healthy glow and know you’re on board.

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