Permanent makeup helps to forget about cosmetics for three years, but can lead to skin problems and disappoint a man

In movies, women are always beautiful – they wake up, fall asleep, swim and give birth with perfect make-up. About what it is like to fall asleep with a beautiful girl, and waking up with a completely different person, many anecdotes are composed.

Someone, of course, tries to get up early, afraid to appear before the boyfriend without drawn eyebrows and lips, while others resort to permanent make-up – to be beautiful always and do not get into an anecdote. However, what will be your movie, you can definitely not say – sometimes it comes to a horror film.

What are the dangers of wearing the tattoo on his face, how much does he cost and that the Siberians “paint” themselves more often, the correspondent of SHE explained.

Many girls – and especially those who abuse cosmetics – there was a time when they decided that it’s time: it’s time to appear before a chosen one without make-up, so to speak, to get acquainted anew. And often men admit that, contrary to anecdotes, they are glad to such acquaintances – at last they manage to discern a man who hid behind the evening makeup at any time of the day.

However, some people really get into makeup from cosmetics. Gloss and deficiency of men dictate to women: “You must always be on top.”

Print beauty

“Getting a baby is like making a tattoo on your face!” – warns the girlfriend of the main heroine in the movie “Eat. Pray. Love. ” “This is serious and for a long time!”. However, a surge in fertility has not yet been observed, but tattoos on the face are becoming more popular.

“Recently, permanent make-up has become as popular as at one time the build-up of nails or eyelashes,” admits the permanent make-up artist Valery Lavrynovych.

According to the master, of the total number of women ordering permanent make-up, 65% do eyebrow tattoos, 20% of the eyelids and 15% of the lips. According to the information of the beauty salon “Leleya”, on the day of 4-5 procedures of permanent make-up 2-3 – this is tattoo of eyebrows.

Every year the technique of permanent make-up is improved: the drawing becomes more detailed, the materials are more sparing, it becomes possible to make make-up for a shorter period. When tattooing on the face, the pigment does not penetrate as deeply as with a lifelong tattoo: only in the upper part of the dermis is the so-called papillary layer. Most salons and private masters now offer tattoo for 2-3 years.

“Over time, the pigment dims, but with the correction you can maintain the effect for many years. In women after 40, the skin is renewed less often and tattooing will last much longer, “says Daria Agafonova, a permanent makeup specialist.

Correction can become a real underwater stone and a significant expense item. Experts advise to discuss the conditions and price of correction with the master before the procedure.

“Correction is needed almost always – in 2-3 weeks, but some masters, wanting to lure the client at a lower price, are silent about the need for a second visit,”

warns Valery Lavrynovych. “A second visit costs less, but dishonest masters deliberately do not work properly, more and more”.

Conscientious masters, as a rule, call one price and bring the work “to the mind”, regardless of the number of procedures required.

The cost of the procedure depends on where you decide to spend it: from 1000 to 3000 rubles. at the masters working at home, 3000-5000 at tattooists in specialized tattoo parlors, 4000-8000 rub. in beauty salons. Prices for eyebrows, for example, in “Lelay” – from 3500 rubles. (contour with shading) to 5500 rub. (method of drawing hairs).

List of required victims

The procedure lasts from 40 minutes to 2 hours, depending on which part of the face is tattooed, the type of skin and the skill of the master. Anesthesia, as a rule, is used only with lip tattoos.

“This procedure is really painful,” says Valery Lavrynovych about tattooing the lips, “but do not forget that there is an anesthesia that will ease the suffering.

As a rule, sprays and ointments are used for anesthesia. In the future, additional care is required until complete healing. First, you need to treat the areas with a disinfectant solution (as a rule, the master advises chlorhexidine solution), later on the injured area of ​​the skin there are crusts, which in no case can be torn off, otherwise scars form – and they are more likely to peel off, they are recommended to lubricate with cream in total recommend “Bepanten”). On average, the healing process lasts 2 weeks.

You can find advertising where they talk about the so-called “non-carpet” tattoo, but this, according to Irina Sharygina, the permanent make-up artist of the “Lelei” salon, is “not quite true”: “It’s about such a nontraumatic tattoo that crusts resemble small flakes , as with skin peeling. ”

Despite the rather easy attitude towards the tattoo on the face, the procedure is quite serious and has a number of contraindications: from diabetes and any inflammatory diseases to acne, herpes, warts and allergies. Ideal skin can not boast of all, but because there are rashes in particular, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist, otherwise the desire to become more beautiful can turn into aggravation of acne, for example.

“After an unsuccessful tattoo of the lips, cysts of the sebaceous glands can form, which will disrupt the appearance, changing the edge of the red border of the lips, and lead to further scarring,”

warns Tatyana Reshetnikova, professor of the department of dermatovenereology and cosmetology at NMMU, head of the Center for Medical Cosmetology at NMMU.

But even with an ideal work and quick healing, tattooing is fraught with danger. Some men consider makeup a mask, and when a woman appears before them unpainted, perceive it as a degree of confidence. In this nenakrashennost need not be confused with neglect.

“Tattooing is an external mask for an internally insecure girl. Real problems of this mask are not solved, but only worsen, –

says psycho-technologist of the training company Golden-Age Alexander Vasenev. “Such girls often come to a divorce, because a man expects to marry a confident, uninhibited girl, but gets afraid to prove himself in bed and in a relationship.”

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