Perfumes created in the 90s are proving the most popular fragrances this Christmas

With this in mind, I can completely understand why 90s fragrances have become increasingly popular in the run up to Christmas.

We’re cocooning ourselves in a familiar, nostalgic scent that acts as a sense of escapism from the all-too-often troubling realities of 2020.

Plus, on a purely practical level, more of us than ever are turning to the internet to do all of our shopping, whether it be online meal delivery services or our Christmas lists – and it’s hard buy a fragrance online without knowing what it smells like, so more of us are returning to old favourites that we know and love rather than taking a chance with newer scents.

There’s always one particular perfume that instantly transports you back to your teenage years. For me, it’s Lacoste Touch Of Pink. I dreamed of being the mysterious blonde woman in the advert, dancing around the streets of Paris totally oblivious to the throng of male admirers she left in her wake.

In an attempt to emulate her appeal, I would douse myself in the perfume, the body lotion and, indeed, the limited edition glittery scented powder that I received for Christmas one year.

While my tastes have somewhat changed when it comes to my fragrance, I still have a soft spot for Touch of Pink, meaning I was pleasantly surprised to learn it’s still available today. In one of my more questionable lockdown purchases, I bought a bottle. I think I wanted to be taken back to a simpler time, even just for one spritz.

Keep scrolling to rediscover your favourite 90s perfumes that are still available to buy today…

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