Quail, goose eggs

Japan annually produces more than eight million heads of quail. In China – more than twenty-five million. In Russia, more than three hundred thousand, and the Ukraine and half not. What good is this bird and why so many of them grown in Japan, China, France and other countries?

Quail eggs it is desirable to use in clinical nutrition impaired children and adults, primarily in polluted areas. The children are from 2 to 4 eggs per day depending on age, and adults – 3-5 pieces daily in the morning on an empty stomach. Them healthier to eat raw on an empty stomach half an hour before eating, squeezed warm water.

The trick is to be systematic, without a break for 3-4 months. After two weeks begins to show the beneficial effects of quail eggs on the body. Quail eggs do not cause diathesis in children, which eggs are contraindicated.

For comparison with the chicken egg was analyzed and found – in one gram quail eggs contain more vitamins than in a gram of chicken And 1.7 times, B1-B2 – 6 times; microelements – potassium and phosphorus 5 times, 4.5 iron, essential amino acids in 1,5 times more. The content of such essential amino acids as tyrosine, threonine, lysine, glycine and histidine, quail eggs surpass chicken. Adult quail almost no sick. Resistance to leukoaraiosis diseases and the presence of biologically active substances allow you to fearlessly eat quail eggs in cheese .

The list of diseasesthat can be cured (or alleviate the course of the disease), using quail eggs, broad enough:

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, especially ulcers and gastritis;


Severe headaches;
Chronic pneumonia;
Asthma (treatment in conjunction with herbal medicine)
Tubercular intoxication;
Excretion of radionuclides from the body;
High and low pressure;
Prevention and treatment of ARI;
Increase sexual potency;
Pregnancy weak women is much easier, relieves toxicity;

Diseases of the eye;

About the effectiveness of quail eggs in the diet of the patients was known in ancient times. 300 years ago the Chinese scholar farmacolog Li Shi-Chen in the medical treatise “Balcioglu” wrote about the healing properties of these eggs. Quail eggs are widely used in Japan in baby food. They have a positive impact on children stunted. It is advisable to include raw quail eggs in the diet of sick and weakened children.

The use of quail eggs does not harm any organ in the human body, and the benefits are huge. The high content of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids leads to their accumulation in the body, and, consequently, to enhance immune protection against various diseases, normal hemoglobin levels and red blood cells. The high content of b vitamins helps to improve the nervous system, the person becomes more calm, balanced.

The high content of phosphorus, potassium and iron improves memory, pregnant women are not destroyed teeth. I probably don’t need to explain what cholesterol is. Now, the cholesterol in quail egg is almost there. One of the most valuable properties of quail eggs is their long-term preservation.

Tyrosine plays a significant role in metabolism and promotes the formation of pigment, giving a healthy color to the skin, therefore, quail eggs are used for the preparation of cosmetic masks. Present in the eggs of quail protein ovomucoid able to suppress allergic reactions, so quail eggs should be eaten for the treatment and prevention of allergies.

Quail eggs are characterized by high content of lysozyme, one of the eight essential amino acids, normalizing the microflora that are not produced by the human body. In addition, the lysozyme prevents the development of undesirable microflora eggs, so quail eggs for a long time retain their freshness at room conditions, and consumed in cheese , which is very important for withstorage in them of many nutrients destroyed by the processing of the product. At room temperature quail eggs can be stored up to 30 days and in the refrigerator – up to 60 days.

Goose eggs

Collection and storage

Goose eggs have a chalky white, very strong shell, and they weigh up to 200 g – approximately 3-4 times more chicken.

Eggs must be properly stored. The best are temperature 2-12 °C, With relative humidity of 85-90%. These conditions are met during the storage in cooling chambers.

The eggs must be of the correct form. If the form is incorrect – it increases the probability of damage and as a consequence, damage.

Surface finish and integrity of the shell is not less important indicators. Buy only clean and unbroken eggs. Dirty eggs quickly deteriorate due to the penetration in their contents of different microorganisms. Faster spoiled eggs with a damaged shell.


The goose eggs taste richer than chicken. But in aroma and fat they are much inferior to the duck eggs. Goose eggs can be boiled or used in baked dishes, and in vegetable casseroles.

Goose eggs are very nutritious and valuable product. Since people eat goose eggs – raw or baked. Unfortunately, rushing geese are much rarer than chicken.

Goose eggs have a peculiar smell and taste, so in cooking they are used quite carefully; however, if geese regularly feed fresh grass, the taste of the eggs is getting better. It should be remembered that domestic geese not too clean, and their eggs can be contaminated with harmful bacteria, so eat them raw is not recommended. To eat these eggs can only be boiled, add them to the dough of bakery or confectionery products, before it thoroughly wash.

It should be remembered that fresh eggs have no smell. Boiled or roasted must have a pleasant smell. The presence of smell says about ruining the eggs.

Through the retail network of a goose egg is not realized.

Useful properties

The nutritional value of eggs is directly related to their mass. Larger than the egg, the higher its nutritional value.

Goose eggs are an important source of many vitamins (A, E, D, K and b group) and minerals (phosphorus, iron, sulfur, copper, etc.). Contained in the goose eggs vitamins help to improve brain activities, maintaining the levels of sex hormones. Their good to eat to purify blood vessel, improve memory, and eliminate toxins from the liver.

In the yolk of a goose egg contains a unique ingredient – lutein. It is a powerful antioxidant. The use of goose eggs – an excellent prevention of eye problems, particularly cataracts. For pregnant women goose egg is an essential product. It contains substances that are necessary for proper brain development in the fetus.

Very useful and nourishing for the face mask of a goose egg. For its preparation is necessary to crack a little goose egg, allow to derive protein. The rest of the egg yolks put in a bowl, grate or finely chop tomatoes. If the skin is dry, the amount of tomatoand added to the mask, it is better to increase. The resulting mass mix and apply to face for 15 minutes to remove.

How to cook a goose egg

Goose egg wash, put in a saucepan with cold water and cook on medium heat under the lid for at least 15 minutes to cook eggs soft-boiled, 20-25 minutes for cooking hard-boiled eggs.

Calorie goose eggs

Calorie goose eggs – 200 calories.

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