April 20, 2024

People who rage-quit their job reveal their ‘Final Straw’ moments

“My boss came back from his 30th smoke break that shift, saw me taking a breather after I cleaned the entire kitchen on my own, and told me to stop being so unproductive. Fuck you, Matt! ”

“I was a truck unloader at Walmart. We unloaded freight into skids sorted by department #. There were 3 of us who were new. Doing the best we can trying to memorize where the department skids are and hauling ass as fast as we could.

The store manager came to check in on us and said we weren’t going fast enough. To ‘speed us up’ he pushed everything that was on rollers onto the floor. I walked over and gave him my badge and knife and left. ”

“I got accused of stealing from the cash register at a bakery when in reality I was just paying for my food. Every coworker told me that I could take whatever I wanted, and no one would ever notice but I felt bad about doing that. Then they caught me taking my change from the register, and called me into the back room where they interrogated me for like an hour, and then didn’t even apologize once they figured out the truth. I quit a couple hours later, but not before helping myself to everything in the store I ever wanted to try. ”

“After helping an elder getting the best option for him and not the most expensive I get called to the office.

Boss: Do you feel bad deceiving costumers?
Me: yeah off course Boss: then you’re in the wrong place

Fuck you and your miserable life bitch. ”

“After working 37 years, I requested a leave from work to care for my partner who was dying of cancer. I had 8 weeks of PTO time and was denied the request, so I quit to care for him in his last month of life. ”

“I was working at a call center. My shift started at 10, I badged into the building at about 9:55 and logged on, but the decrepit PC I was using took so long to boot up that when I finally logged in, I was 15 seconds late. I told my supervisor and he said there’s nothing he can do, since I was late I was put on probation and wouldn’t be eligible for a raise for another month, and that I should arrive 15 minutes early so that situation won’t happen again. I handed him my headset, walked out and have never worked in a call center since. ”

“For me it was a literal straw. My first job was the snack stand at the local movie theatre. The manager was an old guy who looked down on everyone, especially if they were younger and female. So after a few months of dealing with this jerk- one night it’s really slow and I’ve cleaned the entire area and have nothing to do. He walks by and dumps EVERY straw on the floor and tells me to pick them up. I said F you and walked out. ”

“I started work in a bar in town and was told to be at work at 7pm for my first shift with the manager providing me with a typed timesheet showing my new working hours.

Went home and had a cat nap, at 5pm my new manager calls me asking where the hell I am and telling me I need to come in now. I referred him to my timesheet which stated I was to be in at 7pm, to which he told me “the timesheet doesn’t f’ing matter, you do what I tell you. ” Hearing this I politely told him that I would not be in tonight or ever, good night and went back to my cat nap. ”

“I worked as a painter for a franchisee of a student painting company and he kept telling me that “he would pay me next week. ” This went on for about 6 weeks and the final straw was when I had finished several large projects that would give him ample money to pay me but he decided to hire on another person instead of paying me for all the work I had already done. (like $1300 worth of work)

Then he tried negotiating down what he thought he should be paying me despite already having agreed in writing what I would be getting paid right from the get go.

I was so mad that I didn’t give him notice or even show up for the next day of work because I had bills to pay and needed to make as much money as possible during the summer.

I wrote him off as a lost cause and took him to small claims court for what he owed me and eventually got my money through the court. ”

“My insufferable asshole manager followed me after work to my second job because she didn’t believe I had one and was just using it as an excuse to get out early. My manager at my second job said: “There’s some crazy lady banging on the doors yelling your name. ” So I grabbed my uniform from my bag, opened the door, threw it in her face and told her to fuck off. ”

“I worked at a small local shop when I was 17 and they said I had to work Xmas Eve, Boxing day, new year’s eve and new year’s day. I said I wanted to travel to see my father in another country at Xmas as we’d been separated for years and we’re going to spend our first Xmas together in about 10 years. I quit the job because family is more important than some shitty job. Especially at that age. It turned out that that Xmas was the last time I saw my dad as he died a few months later. ”

” I used to work as a housekeeper at a really shady hotel. Wasn’t the best job in the world, but the pay actually wasn’t that bad. The owner and his wife were horrible to everyone, especially the housekeepers. I eventually worked my way to being the head housekeeper, but they kept referring to me as a maid. I don’t know why that bothered me so much, but it did. Anyway, the rodeo was in town and we were really busy.

I had every single room to clean, and none of my other housekeepers were showing up for work. So I asked my boss where they were and he said he gave them the day off. They’re young and have stuff to do. They were all high schoolers and I was 19 at the time. It was summer, so he decided he wanted them to go out and have fun and leave the 65 rooms to me. I was already mad at that, but then it got worse. I get to about my 15th room, I’m exhausted, and I just want to get one more done so I can take a break. I knock on the door, no answer. So I let myself in only to see a man standing naked in the doorway.

I apologize and try to leave when he calls me back. He said he wanted me to clean the room. I told him I couldn’t while he was still there and certainly not while he was naked. He said I had to do it, he was a guest. I go to my boss and explain why I wasn’t cleaning that room. He told me I had to do what the customer said. If he wanted to be naked and in the room while I cleaned, then that’s what had to happen. I threw my cleaning rag at him, told him to fuck off and left the rest of the rooms to him. ”

“When I was in the food industry, my A. M. manager said my Halloween cat ears and makeup may offend some guests. I removed them. My P. M. manager said I lacked spirit and wasn’t a team player because I didn’t have a costume.

I submitted my two weeks the next day. I do not have regrets…mainly because it got me out of the food industry. ”

“Super fancy hotel housekeeping. After getting bitched at by a fat ugly c–t from the expensive floor for not having more than one elevator (obviously housekeepings fault, amirite? ) I found that she had wiped her shit on all the towels in the bathroom, not touching the tp. I set the shitty towels on her bed (covered in laundry like her suitcase exploded) went and punched out and found another job two days later. Wealthy people are seriously some of the worst folks I’ve ever fucking met. ”

“A BP reading of 195/110. ”

“When my boss, who NEVER wore deodorant, put his foot on my desk and adjusted/scratched his crotch, in my face for a solid 5 minutes. ”

“Saturday and Sunday evening work-related phone calls from my boss that kept ruining my social life and my mood in a single swing. ”

“Boss not doing payroll before leaving on a business trip and leaving it to the poor office manager to tell people they weren’t gonna get paid on time.

I walked out of the staff meeting saying I’d be back when paychecks arrived. By the time I got home I was mad enough to call my ops manager back and quit.

Why didn’t the boss do payroll? Stated answer was printer toner cartridge at home was empty. Guess he’d never heard of writing checks with a pen. ”

“I worked at a pet store for 8 years, and I watched the animal care standards deteriorate with each new wave of management. I came in one morning and found two chameleons drowned in their habitat, and when I told the manager that it was simply due to negligence he literally said: “We will just order extra next time. ”

Beforehand, I had spent countless hours trying to train the new employees on the appropriate way to do things, and I had approached the manager with suggestions for improvement. It became abundantly clear that he just didn’t give a fuck.

The lack of accountability and the general disregard for animal life was maddening. And let me be clear, I am not one of those people that are absolutely nuts about animals. I just feel like if it is your one fucking job to keep them alive then that is what should happen. ”

“I worked as a stock boy in the back of Hollister (clothing retail for those unaware). Never really had interaction with customers but was still forced to buy their clothes to wear to work. They had all these rules about hairstyles, finger nails, and facial hair. One night I came in to start a shift at 2:30 am to do a floor change, so middle of the night and the shift would end around the time the store opened up. I had the slightest bit of stubble on my face, like a day and a half’s worth of stubble. My manager, at 4 am, told me she had a problem with my facial hair and that when the mall opened up I better go buy a razor and shave before anyone saw me like that is she would have to send me home for the night. I basically said “well lucky for me, I was planning on quitting anyways, good luck with the floor change” and walked out. Went and got a biscuit breakfast, went home, and got in bed. ”

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