People share what they wish they knew before getting married (10 GIFs)

Where you’re going to spend holidays.

How much time you’re going to spend with each family.

Most people don’t realize how much stress each other’s families bring to the table. Always be a united front. -amandabee8

It’s probably never going to be 50/50. Somebody is usually going to be carrying more of the load. As long as the burdened partner is not the same one all of the time, you can make it work. Just my opinion. -threedogafternoon

When you fight, remember that you two are on the same side.

Sometimes it’ll feel like it’s you versus her… whenever it feels like that, Stop. Back up. Figure out how it’s you both versus the world (or you both versus the fear they’re feeling, or you both versus the problems you’re having or whatever…) and not the two of you against each other.

Hell, try to remember that when you’re not fighting too.

If you can’t do this… well, I won’t say “don’t get married”… but do work on this, it’s important. -Allisade

Pretend you aren’t going to have a wedding. Still wanna get married? -CaptainClay2606

Divorces are expensive. -saello

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