People share the worst reasons they had sex with someone

I’ll be honest with you, I have been pretty hard up at times in my life. I am not what you would call traditionally handsome. I don’t come from money and never really drove a nice car. For those reasons and more, I’ve resorted to getting my action in some less than splendid ways. These people though, these people legitimately frighten me.

Got a better story than these? Share it in the comments below. They’re super nice and accepting down there.

I had a guy (went to school with him, everyone thought he was weird because he was open about his foot fetish, he was a 5/10 nice body, abs and everything but face meh) he wanted to pay me to do a photoshoot because I wanted to start modeling. He picked me up, went to his house and he said his mom took the camera (huge lie). Went upstairs to hang out. I was wearing a dress so he started fingering me. I let him put it in. He stuck it in, thrust once and came on his bed. Gave me I think it was like $80-$90 then went home.

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