May 20, 2024

People share inappropriate moments between teacher and student

The majority of us have had the blessing/curse of having that one teacher or TA that was just a total smoke show. We’ve all had our fantasies, however, that’s just where it ends… for most people. Hereare a few instances in which people have actually made a move on their professors.

“I taught in a university for a while. I had a student in my Spanish class who was not doing well. I had a break after the class she was in and offered to help her for a minute and guide her so she could hopefully study more effectively. We stayed in the classroom with both doors and all windows wide open. I sat down next to her to go over some material and about ten seconds into it she put her hand pretty high on my inner thigh.

I pulled away and told her that it was inappropriate, and I wrapped up our meeting with some instructions on what she should work on. I left and had no interest in making a big deal out of it. A couple weeks later I had a colleague approach me and say that she had heard that I had made a pass at this very same student, and that I had put my hand on HER thigh and that she rejected me. I got out in front of it and didn’t experience any repercussions, but that was a bit scary.

I never helped another student anywhere but a public place on campus, like a cafe or in a park. Lesson = learned. ”

“Short story from someone I use to know:

She was struggling in her Astronomy class and went in to office hours for the professor. She kept making hints and using body language to signal she was dtf, but apparently the prof just kept slowly moving the picture of his family on his desk further towards her until she left. ”

“I was the network admin at a ~3500 student university and had a girl ask me a couple of obviously leading questions about how the grading software worked and if I had access to it (I did but changes were audited) then lean in close to whisper in my ear, being careful to drag her breast against my arm as she did so, that she would do

a n y t h i n g I wanted if I would give her a B in a class she needed to graduate that spring.

I also had an aunt offer me what she thought was the amazingly large sum of $500 if I would fabric a complete degree for the son of some church friend of her.

The amazing thing is that two professors and one academic support staff lost their jobs trying to do the same thing sorts of stuff for students while I was there. ”

“I’m a college librarian.

When I was much younger, a girl with a high amount of overdue fines once leaned over the circ desk, letting the neck of her blouse hang low and open to expose her naked breasts to me. She said the stereotypical “isn’t there anything I can do? ” bullshit.

Yeah, no thanks. I love my wife, and I love my job. ”

“My friend is an adjunct professor of psychology and very very gay. He would tell me of at least 3 freshman girls a year who would offer to do anything for a better grade.

He would recommend better studying habits”

“I was teaching an astronomy class in graduate school when the girlfriend of one of my roommates (both undergrads) offered to orally pleasure me for a ‘B’, and the roommate was OK with that. I passed on the offer. ”

“I was an adjunct instructor at a small, regional college and a female student had tried multiple times to get on my good side for a better grade. First she brought in donuts, then pizza, and finally one day she stayed late after class and suggestively asked if there were other ways she could improve her grades.

Being a socially inept male, it took a little bit for that to sink in but once I got the idea I kindly asked her to leave.

She did and I thought that was that. Except it wasn’t. Turns out she reported me for sexual harassment. Nothing ever came of it however since she ended up getting into trouble (drugs I think) and dropped out of school.

Even still it was a very scary moment for me and factored into my decision to leave teaching and pick a different career. ”

“My brother is a professor at a large state school. He was propositioned so many times by students that he and the other three professors in their office suite agreed to arrange their office hours so that none of them would ever have to be alone with a student, female or male. Seriously. ”

“Not a prof, but I dated two professors in grad school. Stayed with the second one, moved to a new state with her and had a child together. Joke’s on me … she cheated on me with another one of her students, got pregnant and had his baby. Now I’m looking for a new place to live.

Life is like a box of rotten fucking chocolate. ”

“Guy here, had an English Lit professor who had a crush on me. She actually gave me a lapdance at a popular bar near the university one night and said, “If you didn’t have a girlfriend, the things I would do to you” (not mentioning, she was married).

She even wrote in email one time: “Had we but world enough and time…”

Looking back, I think she had some issues. The real favors she did were writing me letters of recommendation and setting me up with this girl in our class – we were together for three years. ”

“I’m a professor. Usually female students are flirtatious but not overly blatant with me. But one time a female student found me on Facebook and messaged me, “I want to have your baby. Is that something you’d be interested in? ” It was flattering but I said no thank you. ”

“A professor from my university walked into his office to a completely naked freshman girl standing in there with a six-pack of beer. I don’t think she was looking for a better grade or anything, was just attracted to him. He noped right the fuck out of there”

“Adjunct in engineering here, male, very few female students. Only once, one of them began trying to negotiate a better grade and put out escalating hints that a BJ was on the table. I just smiled, wished her a good day, and kept my boner under the table. ”

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