April 20, 2024

People say this £1 baby soap is the best thing they’ve ever used to clean makeup brushes

Whilst we’re not judging you (mostly because we are also guilty of shunning thecleanser), if they’re currently caked inbronzerandfoundationand you can’t remember the original colour of the bristles, it’s probably time to give them a little TLC.

Admit it, you probably haven’t cleaned your makeup brushes in a good few months (if ever), right?

“Layers of oil from your skin, mixed with makeup pigments and dead skin cells, make brushes a breeding ground for bacteria,” reveals makeup artist, Caroline Barnes, who works with Pixie Lott. Eek.

The good news? You probably have exactly what you need to rectify the situation in your bathroom cabinet.

Johnson’s Honey Baby Soap, which costs just £3. 59 for a pack of 4 on Amazon and £1 per bar in Sainsbury’s, has rave reviews for its makeup brush-cleansing abilities.

Beauty buffs have been taking to the Cleaning Hacks, Tips Recommendations Facebook group in their droves to rave about the surprisingly thrifty toiletry.

According to Fabulous, one impressed fan shared a before and after snap of her makeup brush after using the cleansing product. She wrote: “Best thing I’ve found to clean dirty make-up brushes and sponges. ”

Likeminded people were quick to back her up, saying the soap was the most effective product they’d used on their own brushes, whilst others asked for her technique. She shared: “I just run a brush across the bar of soap and depending on how dirty they are depends on how vigorous I do it.

“Rinse it off and then keep going until it’s visibly clean and the water runs clear. ”

“Bacteria and fungi prefer wet to dry conditions, so foundation brushes may accumulate micro-organisms quicker than dry powder brushes,” explains dermatologist, Dr Stefanie Williams. Treat brushes you use to apply liquid textures to an extra wash or wipe. “At least two to three times a week, versus once a week for powder brushes,” suggests says Lynne Sanders, cosmetic scientist and founder of Cosmetics a La Carte.

With a cleansing product so purse-friendly, you really have no excuse! Read our definitive guide to properly cleansing your brushes – and why it’s so essential for glowing skin.

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