People reveal the strangest experience they have had with a friend’s parent

When I was in high school, I was having dinner at my girlfriend’s parents place one night and she has two older brothers that were there as well. So I was setting my plate down at the table when suddenly I feel someone slap my ass, I turn around and it was her dad.

we both just looked at each other and then he apologizes and says he thought I was one of his sons. I could tell he was pretty embarrassed. that was an awkward dinner lol…. especially because he didn’t like me very much.

We were white water rafting in Maine. I was in a truck with my friend, a different friend’s dad, 2 ~ ten-year-old boys going to the pickup spot at the end of the rafting route. I’m in the passenger seat and the dad is driving. I was about I was about 17 at the time, and the topic of “being a man” came up. He talked about how sometimes you just need to follow your dreams. We’re all listening at this point.

He then tells us this isn’t his first life. Told us he moved to the west coast when he was really young and started a family. Wife, kids. He said liked them decently enough but he wanted to get more out of life. So one day he went out to pick up some milk and never went back. I don’t know how the kids in the truck took the story, but my friend and I were pretty WTF the rest of the trip.

Caught my friends parents having sex in their living room, her dad had the biggest dick I’ve ever seen!

She was pushing me to date her daughter, hardcore … we were 10.

I was 12 years old, over at a friend’s place. When I had to leave to go home his mother came running after me screaming that I couldn’t leave, I was already halfway down a set of stairs and just knew something was wrong, so I said I had to and continued on. She was still screaming for me to come back. I told my parents when I got home and they “looked” at each other. Then nothing more happened. A few weeks later I was over there again, everything was normal. My friend asked if I wanted to sleep over, he had the NES so of course, I wanted to. My parents didn’t let me though. True story, that fucking night his mother beat him to death with a wooden boat he had made in woodshop class.

She was a diagnosed schizophrenic. My parents knew they told me after his death.

When I was a senior in high school, an 8th-grader joined a science club that I helped found. We got along, struck up a friendship and socialized outside of school because we were both massive nerds. When I left for college, I would see her when I was home on break. One time, she came to visit me (and her extended family).

Shortly after her visit, she came out to her family as a lesbian. She also came out to me via email. I wound up getting an email from her mother asking if I had been aware of her daughter’s orientation and delicately asking if we were in a relationship.

It was a very awkward response that I wrote because a) I had no idea that my friend was gay b) a lot of people in high school (to include my parents at one point) thought that I was gay and c) I’m not gay, I’m just very unfeminine and super oblivious.

Nothing in my life to that point prepared me for an email from her mother or how to write back to reassure her that I was not trying to have a sexual relationship with her 15-year-old daughter. -Cortoro

A friend’s father was absolutely convinced that I was only friends with his daughter for money. They weren’t exactly rich, maybe a tiny bit better off than we were, but it was impossible for him to know that. When her Dreamcast needed a new cable after one of her pets chewed through it, he came storming into her room while we were hanging out and demanded to know why I thought he would buy me something. My friend had to jump in and explain that it was her cable, not mine. He’d complain if I spent the night because he had to feed me, like I was a stray cat. It was incredibly weird. The worst part is he made extremely inappropriate jokes all throughout dinner when I was there. I was maybe 14.

Looking back, I’m starting to wonder if he wasn’t just high. My friend explained that he kept one fingernail long to pick his nose, but I’ve been told that is not its only purpose. None of his behavior ever made sense.

My strangest experiment? Me and my friend’s dad (who I didn’t know very well) suddenly had a staring contest over dinner and we just kept on having them after that. never talked, nothing happened, just had a staring contest every time I had dinner. I was ten at the time.

I’ve known this boy since we were babies. Our parents always thought it was adorable that we were always together. His dad was convinced we would end up married. Basically my entire life his dad would try to get us together, he went as far as to send his son to my university so we could finally “fall in love and get married.” Very creepy. When I married my husband, I got a Facebook message from his dad saying how disappointed he was in me for not marrying his son. I blocked him.

I was in the 6th grade and had just started going over to my best friends house for the weekend. His dad was sitting on the ledge for the fireplace bumping Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani on repeat for a good 45 minutes.

Not a friend, but an ex.

His mother used to basically nice-force me into not leaving each time I came over. He was 25 and still lived at home, and she was so eager for me to date him and stick around, that she would go out of her way to dote on me aggressively each time I was there.

She would find ways to make me stay longer, and even outright say it was rude to leave so soon, and find another board game, or another movie, or another snack, to get me to stay in the house longer. She bought me weird presents, like knick-knacks and porcelain figurines.

He wasn’t a bad dude, but mommy dearest had babied him so much he didn’t know how to do ANYTHING for himself. He expected to be taken care of. By me. A (then) 19-year-old, who hadn’t even started college yet, and was working part-time at a Dunkin Donuts. Ffs, I still lived at home too.

His mom just expected that she could completely enable him and baby him, then hand him off to a girl who would do the same for the rest of his life. Bitch was psycho.

We didn’t date for long.

A friend’s dad was an artist. We came in from playing one day to see another dad from our school lashed to a cross, butt naked with a huge boner. Artist was doing a painting of Jesus. Later found out crucified dad was gay.

My lifelong friend’s dad is a nurse practitioner. When I was 19 I lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time, I went in to see him. He gave me a rectal exam i.e., stuck his fingers up my butt. He had big fat fingers so it was painful and extremely awkward. I’ll occasionally get a, “Hey, remember that time my dad stuck his fingers up your butt?” from my buddy.

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