March 4, 2024

People reveal the most ‘Michael Scott’ thing their boss has ever done, Photos

The first year I went, my boss got me all hyped because there was a restaurant in Pittsburgh and it was his tradition to go every year when he was there.

“Every year representatives from my old company would attend the International Bridge Conference in Pittsburgh.

He kept saying how exciting it was that he could introduce me to the tradition, so I figured it had to be some awesome unknown local gem or at the very least a Pittsburgh icon like Primanti Bros.

It was the Subway across from the convention center. ”

“He was spelling his name over the phone to someone and when he got to the “i” in his name he said “i, as in… um… I. ”

“It was this guy’s last day with the company, and the managers brought in a cake for everyone to share. A very nice farewell gesture.

Except he wasn’t moving to a new city or leaving the company for a new job. He had gotten fired.

The managers literally fired this guy, then called everyone into the kitchen and said: “Okay, today is Steve’s last day with the company, let’s have some cake! ” Most oblivious, socially awkward, tone-deaf moment imaginable. ”

“He put a fake severed head in my bottom desk drawer and watched me from the corner of the room to see if it scared me. I just looked up (in a very Jim way) and blinked a few times and then closed the drawer. The look on his face was pure defeat. He was actually upset it didn’t scare me, like that’s all he thought about the night before and I completely ruined his day. ”

“We work in digital marketing. He stalks our coworkers on social media and brings up their posts at weird times.

We’ll be in a meeting, and he’ll bring up someone’s weekend plans from a month ago, in front of everyone. Most of the time he’s not even friends with these people. It’s so cringey. ”

“I work at a fortune 500 company. In the middle of an important meeting which was based around my boss, she leans over to me and whispers “I’m organizing a flash mob for later this year. I want you to be a part of it”

“He told a group of his employees “We, as management, have the right to mismanage. ”

“My old boss knew we were all stressed and overworked, so he thought that the best way to get us to relax was to have… a drum circle. In the middle of the office while we were all trying to work. He kept trying to get people to join in, even people who were on the phone. Eventually it was just him sitting on the floor hitting bongo drums…”

“My former boss just got a promotion and left our workplace. He bought HIMSELF a going away full sized sheet cake, 18″ x 24″, 80 servings. He cut off a small corner at his going away party and then proceeded to close the cake box and take home the other 79 servings instead of sharing any of it with anyone. He was a really good boss and I will miss him but that was pretty typical of him too. ”

“Moronic boss was urging us to hurry up: “we’ve got to get this done RSVP! ”

“Nothing really crazy, but I had a boss that had everyone introduce themselves before a meeting by stating their name, their position and where they were on 9/11. After 30 people, it got really depressing. ”

“Someone from corporate came in to teach us on racism, sexual harassment, etc. My boss thought it would be a good idea to interrupt the presentation and ask us for personal testimonies of times when we felt uncomfortable in the workplace.

When no one answered she called out a coworker and asked how she felt that everyone thought she was fat and makes fun of her when she comes back with fast food every day for lunch. The coworker of mine just sat there and started to cry. My boss was like well I thought she knew and proceeded to point out all the office gossip and what everyone felt about each other. ”

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