People pointed out a glaring mistake on Ikea

A picture of the Bjorksta map was uploaded to Reddit, where people were quick to point out the mistake. The Reddit user said they took a photo of the map in Washington D.C., where it sells for $29.

A framed map of the world sold at Ikea appears to be missing something.

The Bjorksta Ikea world map doesn’t have New Zealand on it. Here’s one pictured for sale in Washington DC. (Photo: Reddit/ Jibbles666)

It turns out, the map is missing New Zealand.

Just last month Ikea announced plans to open its first store in New Zealand, located in the city of Auckland.

“Wonder if they’re going to sell these maps in the new Auckland store,” one Reddit user wrote.

But people from New Zealand were more upset, with one person calling for the country to boycott Ikea when the Auckland store opens.

However, not everyone was angry about the Land of the Long White Cloud being left off the map.

“That’s why I love New Zealand – it’s out of this world,” one user tweeted.

Another pointed out that it’s not only New Zealand left off the map, but a number of small island nations.

Last year, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made a hilarious appeal for the country to appear on world maps, and Kiwis pictured a number of maps missing New Zealand.

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