June 20, 2024

People on TikTok Are Turning This Giant Frog From Michaels Into Toad-ally Cute Purses

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Do you ever wish you could cast a spell like Sabrina Spellman to conjure up a new pair of shoes or a cozy cardigan when the weather starts to get chilly? We can’t all have magical powers, but this enchanting accessory might be even better. Whether you call it a frog or a toad, this giant Halloween prop from Michaels is TikTok’s latest fashion obsession.

While it’s unclear where the idea to transform the frog into a purse first began, the trend saw a resurgence on TikTok after Kelsey Gallagher, aka @kelseygall19, posted a follow-up video to their 2020 DIY frog purse tutorial, which can be traced back to former Vine star Marlo Meekins. Whoever originated the trend, me, my phone, my chapstick, my headphones, and my keys all thank you.

At 8 x 10 x 11 inches, the frog is just the right size to fit all of your going-out essentials, and it’s easily customizable depending on your personal style. While some TikTokers paint the frog pink, cover it in pearls and gold, or add their own fun linings to the interior, the general frog-to-purse transformation process is pretty standard.

Here’s how to create a purse for yourself:

  1. Start by slicing a straight line down the frog’s back, using a box cutter to break through the thick latex exterior.
  2. Remove as much or as little of the interior stuffing as you like and continue by measuring the zipper of your choice – like this one on Amazon – to fit the length of the cut along the frog’s back.
  3. Once the zipper has been cut, pin it on the underside of the folds in the toad’s back and sew it in place.
  4. Then add the strap of your choice, making sure it’s secure on either side and voilà!

For a more detailed version, you can also create a cloth pouch around the zipper before inserting it into the frog and sewing it in place. Kelsey even shared some helpful tips for styling the frog purse, but we already know it’s going to fit in just right with everything in our fall wardrobes. Check out some helpful tutorials set to “Into the Unknown” from Cartoon Network’s Over the Garden Wall ahead and shop the Michaels frog (or toad, if you prefer) in green and black here to create your own amphibious accessory.

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