Mango has dropped a sustainable 14-piece denim collection

In recent years, Mango has become a go-to in the GLAMOUR office for fabulously fitting denim. Their jeans offer everything we’d ever want in a good pair – they’re not too expensive, they’re always on-trend and they fit like a glove. Hallelujah.

Jeans are famously difficult to buy. Has anyone else lost count of the times they’ve stood in front of fitting room mirrors, wondering how they’ll ever find a style which fits around their waist and their bum? And that doesn’t loose its elasticity after 3 washes? Same. What a nightmare.

The excitement is real when a high street shop we love (a.k.a., Mango) drops a new denim collection. Buying a new, on-trend pair of jeans is a sure-fire way of updating your wardrobe in the simplest way possible. The excitement is even realer when the collection is sustainable – because let’s face it, we’re all tryna shop a little greener going forward.

It was music to our ears when we found out that Mango were dropping a brand new sustainable denim collection (which includes much, much more than just the jeans themselves, FYI). Available online and in Mango stores from this week onward, the collection is inspired by the 80s and 90s with high waists, washed textures and volume aplenty. It’s really cool.

Every one of the 14 garments is made from sustainable cotton, which is another solid reason, besides its stylish nature, to buy into it. The use of this material, sourced from certified crops and technical innovations with a lower environmental impact in the finish of denim garments, makes it possible to reduce the use of chemical substances, water and energy. This allows the brand to minimise the impact on natural resources.

We’re not sure what we love more – the boyfriend jeans, the jumpsuit or the denim midi skirt. One thing’s for sure: we’ll be snapping up one (or two) of the pieces before the collection sells out.

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