May 18, 2024

Pauline Chalamet: Everything To Know About The Sex Of College Girls Star

Pauline Chalamet is rapidly making her mark in Hollywood, especially with the second season of the American teen comedy-drama series The Sex Life Of College Girls soon hitting ITVX following a hugely successful first series.

The Mindy Kaling-created show follows four college roommates navigating their social and personal lives while attending a prestigious university in New England.

With the show now returning for a second instalment, it’s best for us to get to know one of its stars, Pauline, who takes on the role of Kimberly.

So, what interesting facts do we know about her?

Well, why not start with her family because her brother is the ever-so-talented actor Timothée Chalamet. The 27-year-old is undoubtedly one of the best-known stars in Hollywood, having starred in the critically acclaimed films Bones & All, Little Women, The King, and Call Me By Your Name. This year, he’s gearing up for the release of two hotly-anticipated movies, Dune: Part Two and Wonka. That’s major!

With the siblings’ mother being a former Broadway dancer and their French father an editor for UNICEF, Pauline and Timothee were born in a bilingual family, speaking both French and English.

Pauline Chalamet Everything To Know About The Sex Of College Girls Star

Of course, despite her brother’s achievements, we want to point out that Paulina is also a bonafide star of her own. She made her television debut in 1999 on the soap, One Life To Live and recently starred in Judd Apatow-directed flick, The King of Staten Island. Oh, and she also has her own production company, Gummy Films, which she founded in 2019. Pauline is also a trained dancer, having studied at the School of American Ballet in 2001 for a decade before a biking accident ended her dancing career.

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