June 24, 2024

Pain and discomfort during sex can talk about latent inflammation

Men with the smallest injuries behave like children: a little scratched, hitting or catching a cold, they demand the right to “get sick” at the TV set. Women to physical ailment are more patient: what are at least monthly pains – the spirit is tempered!

But it often turns against us: getting used to the last, it’s easy to miss a state when the pains are not driving crazy yet, but are not at all the norm. So, for example, vaginitis can manifest itself. What is this illness and whether it is necessary to treat it, learned correspondent SHE.

Vaginitis is also called vulvovaginitis, vulvitis or colpitis. All these terms (like others with the end of “it”) mean inflammation, in this case – inflammation in the vagina. Vaginitis is specific and nonspecific. Specific (or bacterial) vaginitis occurs when the germs of foreigners (for example, gonococci, Trichomonas or chlamydiae) settle in the genital tract. Isolation of a specific culprit of inflammation and allows you to know the “specificity” of the disease. In this case both partners are treated.

But in the warmth and comfort of the genital tracts, in the case of a convenient case, they can also breed their own, conditioned pathogenic – for example, streptococci, staphylococcus or stooled E. coli. Then there is a nonspecific vaginitis, which for the husband is not contagious. With vaginosis (more commonly known as a vaginal dysbacteriosis, bakvaginosis or gardnerellez), vaginitis is related to the fact that the trigger of its crochet is a violation of the vaginal flora.

The difference is that although with vaginosis there are secretions and smell they are unpleasant – but there is no inflammation. However, it is with dysbiosis, to which the hostess waved her hand, often develops inflammation.

“Vaginitis is almost always preceded by dysbiosis, inflammation is secondary: as soon as the balance of the lactobacillus ceases to fulfill its protective role in the vagina, the infection joins, inflammation develops,” –

explains the scheme gynecologist center “Catharsis” Rausa Loginova. Nonspecific colpitis, by the way, happens with the change of sexual partners: a new microflora can play a cruel joke with your own.

To provoke the growth of the “wrong” flora can also be hypothermia, weakening of the body, local contraception (if you have a weak microflora or an individual intolerance). “The tight, tight clothing is in tight contact with the body, does not let oxygen pass and provokes the growth of anaerobic flora without access to oxygen, and the strings contribute to the introduction of microflora from the intestine,” warns obstetrician-gynecologist Zdravitsa clinic Valentina Privezentseva.

By the way, constantly wearing daily pads acts like synthetics in underwear: it creates a steam room effect.

According to the doctors’ observations, every second woman is affected by vaginitis, who applied to the gynecologist with complaints. Age – from the youngest. According to Rauza Loginova, according to statistics, 35 to 50% of young girls, young girls and women of reproductive age and about 80% of women with chronic inflammation of the appendages in the anamnesis are ill.

How do you know that there are problems? Pay attention to the following points. So, the secretions in the bakvahinoze are greyish, thick and smell of fish. This is unpleasant, but not so dangerous. With vaginitis, the smell is putrefactive, can not be expressed strongly. Allocations are different: yellowish, watery, abundant or even purulent. The sutra after intercourse is also a disturbing sign. As well as in general discomfort at sex: if it hurts at the entrance to the vagina, most likely it’s vaginitis. But the pain is higher – in the lower abdomen – it can already say that the inflammation has gone further, into the uterus and the tubes.

In general, we must remember: any pain in the genitals is not the norm. A small inflammation passes into a large, rises higher and affects the bearing of pregnancy in the future.

A smear for the purity of flora is the simplest method of investigation. With vaginitis, it has a lot of white blood cells. If bacteria are found – you can find a pathogen of inflammation. If a woman has more than one sexual partner and has been tested for infection for a long time, the doctor will check you for STDs. If there are no genital infections, but the vaginitis is repeated, it will take boposes – to identify a specific pathogen from “our own” and to identify sensitivity, then the doctor will prescribe a treatment that will save the pathogen from the pathogen, and then there will be a course of restoration of the normal flora. Treatment, therefore, depending on the cause and severity of inflammation includes antibacterial agents, anti-inflammatory suppositories and antiseptics.

Now the forums are actively discussing the theme of the vaccine “Solkotrihovak. ”As the gynecologist-endocrinologist of the center “Dune” Elena Smirnova has explained, the vaccine promotes the development of lactobacillus of the mucous membrane of the cervix, the restoration of microflora. It is prescribed for the treatment and prevention of vaginitis and bacterial vaginosis, primarily recurrent. But doctors do not advise considering this vaccine as a panacea: first, it is not shown for every violation, and secondly, it takes about six months (sometimes up to a year). It will not work if you have a dysbacteriosis of the intestine (this is simply pointless, since the irregular intestinal microflora will still fall into the vagina). So the first thing you’ll have to figure out if you do not want to get the inflammation “out of thin air” is to sort out the intestines.

To maintain health, it is sometimes useful to be a little old-fashioned and forget about the packs of “breathing” daily pads and panties of two ropes. Choose one partner for sex (otherwise, even a vaccine will not save), do not catch a loin and do not ignore the simplest body symptoms of a malfunction.

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