ThirdLove Now Offers Bras In 78 Sizes, So All Women Can Find A Good Fit

If you often feel frustrated when shopping for bras, know that you’re not alone. According to one popularly-cited statistic, 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra, most likely settling on an okay option after an exhausting experience in the lingerie department.

Even after being measured – and remeasured – by a salesperson, finding a comfortable fit proves challenging, especially for women with breasts that differ from industry-defined standards.

Here’s a not so fun fact: Although the average US bra size is a 34DD, most mass retailers don’t carry cup sizes beyond a D.

The good news is that companies like ThirdLove are looking to disrupt the industry with beautiful bras designed to fit all women near perfectly, regardless of size or shape.

Using real women’s measurements – not size templates – to create their products, the trendy company has become known for its inclusive selection of sizes, including half sizes, that come in a variety of styles and skin tones. Go to their website and you’ll be met with a refreshingly diverse representation of the female body.

But ThirdLove wasn’t interested in stopping there: The company just announced that it has expanded its size range even more to include cups AA through I and up to a 48-band size. That’s a total of 78 bra sizes that are now available, which is more than double what most mainstream bra brands carry. The extended sizes are currently available in five styles, including the best-selling 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra ($68) and sexy Everyday Lace Bra ($76).


Not only is ThirdLove trying to be equitable by offering more sizes to choose from, but also with fair pricing for consumers. The company previously stated that while the larger bras, which include enhanced support, can cost 45 percent more money to produce than the smaller sizes, they will not be charging more for them – something so common in the industry, it’s actually been dubbed the “fat tax.”

There has been a shift in demand for more accurate sizing and a more inclusive experience when it comes to bra shopping, so here’s to hoping their competitors take note. In the meantime, head over to ThirdLove’s Fit Finder.

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