Gwyneth Paltrow is selling a £380 vibrator to ‘help women control their bladders’

Gwyneth Paltrow is no stranger to when it comes to endorsing the weird and wonderful on her lifestyle website Goop. From vaginal eggs and amethyst water bottles, to pubic hair oil and pelvic floor strengtheners, Gwynnie had never been afraid to court controversy with her questionable wellness recommendations.

This month, the Hollywood actress is making headlines for a radical new addition to the website: a £380 vibrator to help women control their bladders.

The vFit Intimate Wellness Solution is a red-light device with warmth and sonic vibration to complement your regular vaginal and pelvic-floor routine.

According to Gerda Endemann, Goop’s senior director of science and research, the sex toy is much more than powerful vibrator; it can improve bladder control, sexual function, heighten pleasure and generally keep pelvic-floor muscles in shape, too.

“The theory behind vFit is something called ‘multimodal vaginal toning,’ Greta explains in a blog post. “That is: a combination of light, heat, and vibration meant to stimulate cells and boost blood circulation.

“We can expect vFit’s gentle heat to boost blood flow (biologically, this makes perfect sense), and it uses red light to spur cell metabolism. The goal is to promote healthy cells and tissues.”

Greta, who’s currently trialling the new vibrator, recommends using the Vfit for ten minutes, three or four times a week, which she integrates into her relaxation or meditation time.

“I’m trying it myself. And about six sessions into my trial, I’m liking vFit a lot. It’s simple: The controls for light, heat, and vibration are easy to find, even when the device is in use (that is, when you can’t see them),” she continues.

Sceptics may raise their eyebrows, but there’s science to back up vFit’s claims. Greta goes on to explain that a study sponsored by the company showed that women who used the device according to the standard guidelines (ten minutes every other day for twenty-four sessions) did experience improved bladder control.

“The women reported on their intimate well-being before and after the study. And after using vFit, the women reported significant improvements in bladder control and sexual functioning,” she adds.

The vibrator may have the Hollywood seal of approval from Gwynnie, but it comes with a designer price tag too. If you want to get your hands on the vFit, you’ll have to fork out a hefty £380 – that’s a hell of a lot of downtime to work on your cost-per-wear ratio.

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