You Didn’t Know About Sex Education’s Patricia Allison

Sex Education‘s Patricia Allison is quickly earning her spot on the list of 2020’s most exciting young actors. After making her debut halfway through season one of Sex Education, Ola gets a lot more screentime the second time around.

She is finally at the same school as all the other Sex Education characters; but things start to get a bit tricky when she finds out her dad is dating her boyfriend’s mom.

On top of dealing with that very awkward situation, Ola realizes that after participating in some sexy shenanigans with her boyfriend Otis, she isn’t left fully satisfied.

Patricia, aka Trish, is a fresh air. From her love of nature to her real-life friendship with costar Tanya Reynolds, the list isn’t short on why Patricia is possibly one of the coolest people out there. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about the Sex Education star!

All the major hairstyles you need to know from the Autumn/Winter 2020 catwalks (and the 80s is back)

They say that trends are cyclical. You wave them off in one decade only for them return years later. That’s certainly true of this fashion season so far, where the runways at New York and London paid homage to bygone eras with their hairstyles.

Simone Rocha gave us Victorian-style curls. Erdem referenced 20s finger waves, spritzed silver for added ritz. Rodarte mixed references with Princess Di padded shoulder dresses, played down with modern, loosely waved hair, then dressed back up with 40s birdcage veils.

Anna Sui gave us punked-up teddy boy hair in a 50s throwback, where hair felt both masculine and feminine. Christopher John Rogers brought back 70s Diana Ross hair with maximalist fros combed out then shaped by lead hair stylist, Naeemah LaFond, who was inspired by topiary.

And, the 80s made a triumphant return to the runway. Shrimps channelled Princess Anne’s 80s style with white elbow length gloves and bouffant hair. Olivia Rubin cited supermodel Jerry Hall as the inspiration behind the big, blown-out curls and deep side parting and Christian Siriano served up a dose of 80s nostalgia with multi-coloured My Little Pony ponytails.

Here’s the best hair looks from the AW20 runways…

The Season 1 Soundtrack of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Is Extraordinary Indeed

The premise of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is tailor-made for an awesome soundtrack. The title character finds herself with a strange superpower after a weird MRI goes haywire: she can hear the thoughts of everyone around her, as filtered through popular songs that they spontaneously “sing” in their minds.

In the pilot episode alone, there are no fewer than ten recognizable songs, both in full-fledged musical numbers and small snippets, that Zoey can hear people singing.

The talented cast is clearly having a blast covering tons of classic songs from several different genres, and there’s plenty more to come as season one gets underway! Ahead, check out all the songs you can hear so far on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.

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