Oat flakes are made from grains of oats by steaming and flattening, with partially preserved shell of the grain. Cereals vary in the degree of cleaning, time steaming and thick, the thinnest flakes are prepared the quickest but useful properties have little or no.

Oat flakes are light brown or Golden color with darker veins, light cereal aroma.

Porridge cooked from rolled oats – a traditional Breakfast not only in England, but almost everywhere. Oatmeal is prepared quickly, permanently retains a sense of satiety, gives energy and fills the body with energy.

The calorie content of oatmeal is 366 calories per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of oatmeal

Oats contain large amounts of coarse dietary fibers, which get into the stomach, absorb the liquid, increase in size several times, and, passing through the intestines, taking the unwanted wastes and toxins, thereby cleansing the body. Fiber normalizes intestinal peristalsis, stimulates the digestive processes and is a preventive remedy for constipation. Oat flakes contain phosphorus, which does not produce energy required for the functioning of all body systems.

The product contributes to a significant reduction of cholesterol in the blood, reduces the risk of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels. The inclusion in the diet of oatmeal – prevention of stroke, heart attack and atherosclerosis, increase the protective properties of the organism, normalization of the nervous system.

Harm rolled oats

Cereal is not recommended to use those who are diagnosed with celiac disease, sometimes there is an individual intolerance of the product.

Composition and useful properties of oatmeal

Oatmeal for weight loss

Despite the relatively high calorie content of the product, oatmeal, boiled in water, will not damage even the most slender figure. The uniqueness of oatmeal is that the product is easily absorbed, while complex carbohydrates consist of oatmeal, long saturate the body stores the extracted energy. Regular consumption of oatmeal normalizes digestion, therefore, the slimming process is faster.

Selecting and storing cereal

The most healthful cereal, the cooking time which is not less than 10-15 minutes, that is, those which have been minimally processed and retains all the beneficial properties of whole grains. If cereal is sold in a transparent package, you should pay attention to the lack of flour and small pieces of cereal, these are signs that the flakes in transit are often subjected to mechanical stress.

Store cereal you need in a carton or glass container, tightly closed, protected from light. Term storage of cereal usually does not exceed 6 months, so when buying you should pay attention to the date of manufacture.

Oat flakes in cooking

The simplest use of oatmeal is the cooking of cereals, the use of which is proven. It is best to cook the oatmeal on the water, milk, butter or cream added to the finished product. In addition, oatmeal is added to the dough for baking, cookies, muffins, you can prepare the crepes and pancakes from oatmeal. Oats can replace bread crumbs for fish, vegetables or hamburgers.

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