April 24, 2024

Ovie Soko on chivalry, fashion and life after Love Island

The 28-year old basketball player and reality TV star has launched his very ownstyle editand 7-piece collection withASOS, with a selection of utility staples, smart suiting and, of course, an ample selection of hats.

He stole our hearts from the moment he stepped into the villa and although we’re missing our nightly fix of Ovie Soko (and his ‘message‘ catchphrase) on Love Island, thankfully he’s back in our lives.

The best part? Ovie has chosen his dad as a source of inspiration for his debut fashion collection, with PappiRay’s art serving as inspo for the prints and textures. Be still, our beating hearts.

GLAMOUR caught up with the big man at the launch to chat all things style, family and life after Love Island.

How Ovie’s using fashion to reflect his morals

“One thing I’ve always believed in is staying true to yourself in everything you do, and I think fashion is a great device for allowing you to be who you are and who you want to be. Fashion is an expression of your mood; it says a lot about you. ’

“ASOS gave me a platform to be myself and I think it’s so important when it comes to fashion that we’re all able to be our true selves. ”

How family influenced the collection

“Family is everything to me and my dad was such a strong influence when I was growing up; I can remember him spending hours upon hours in his studio, getting lost in his own world.

“All the pictures and artwork that I picked to be used in the collection meant something to me and that was important because I didn’t want to put something out for the sake of it. I wanted it to be a true representation of myself. ”

The post-Love Island message Ovie wants to spread

“I want to encourage people to just be themselves and start a new narrative. To do well on a reality TV show, you have to fit the mould of a certain type of guy and be a girl that acts a certain kind of way. Hopefully I’ve shown people that to win in this world, you don’t have to be or do what everyone else around you is doing. You can win by being comfortable in your own skin and people will be drawn to you. That’s really what everyone wants. Fundamentally, everyone wants to be themselves but they often worry they’ll be judged.

“It’s good to see that being a gentleman is cool and dope because at the end of the day, everyone would want their mother or daughter or sister to be treated in a certain manner and that’s how you should always see situations. ”

What’s next for Ovie

“I’ve been laying down the groundwork for a lot of projects. I’m working on a YouTube channel at the moment – it’s a secret though! I am also working on trips abroad to Africa. I’m from Nigeria so I’m definitely going to get back into that community. I haven’t been back in over 20 years so I want to do some charity work back there. ”

The Ovie Style Edit is available on ASOS from 16th September. The 7-piece ASOS DESIGN collaboration will be available from 23rd September.

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