July 22, 2024

Out of office hair is the rebellious trend everyone’s asking for in salons

While bright, crazy colours have always been seen as a little risky, less of us seem to care these days.

Take it from the celebs – in the past few months, Dua Lipa’s dyed her hair pretty much every shade going, Hilary Duff went neon teal, Pixie Geldofchannelled a watermelon, dying her front parting green and the back bright pink, Katy Perry showcased fluro orange hair and Lizzo switched to a casual emerald green, NBD.

And it seems that our plucky stars are inspiring the rest of us, with hair salons noting a huge surge in clients opting for ‘out of office hair’; think vivid colour, kaleidoscopic hues and bold colour blocking ends.

“We’ve noticed a huge surge in clients wanting vivid colours because they are no longer in the office,” explained Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon. “Even the most reluctant bosses don’t seem to mind employees’ new pink hair, as long as it’s tied back on a zoom call; in fact the majority don’t seem to notice.

This has meant our clients have felt a new sense of freedom and the demand for our crazy colour shades are off the chart; clients that would never have asked before are now going for it.

There are actually some positives that come with WFH. You can attend meetings in your PJs, scream at your IT issues without anyone judging you, and binge-watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians on your lunch break. You can also do whatever the hell you like with your hair.

If your hair colour choices have always been restricted by your super corporate office job, lockdown is providing us with the perfect excuse to shake things up and live out the rebellious hair choices we’ve always yearned for.

“With so many changes in the world going on right now, I really think that we might be looking at long term changes in relation to what colours you can ‘wear in the workplace’, when the work place is now virtual. ”

Sophia hasn’t seen just one particular colour go through the roof, right now, she says, it’s a mix of all of them, from pinks to blues to greens to rainbows.

If you’re keen to follow suit, Sophia always recommends plumping for a product to protect the hair, like the INNOluxe V2 in-salon treatment. She encourages all vivid colour lovers to strive for the healthiest hair possible as it instantly makes the colour look more luxurious and expensive.

Will you dare to go bold?

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