Out of fashion, glosses and sunbeds come out, fashion includes red lipstick and Gothic pallor

Last year’s autumn makeup artists advised to cover the remains of a summer tan with gold and bronze. The current cold season offers completely different rules, in which tanning is generally superfluous.

But the main and most radical innovation of this season, according to the makeup artist of the studio “Uniton-style” Victoria Panafidina, – the shift of the accent from the eyes to the lips.

If recently there were isolated eyes with soft lips, then this winter we do the opposite. In fashion – bright lips with “stripped” neutral eyes.

Winter cherry

Red lipstick solemnly returns in all the variety of shades: from light and close to natural – in the day – to dark burgundy and cherry – in the evening. “The main thing that, perhaps, goes away this season is glossy textures,” says stylist Maria Lipatnikova.

“Especially glitter with flickering particles.” The hero of winter is a classic variant, red lipstick in an old good tube. To the logical limit, the passion for this fetish was brought to the shows of the autumn collection of Alexander McQueen, where on the faces of the out-of-the-way models only the fat contours of the lip remained boldly circled. If we look for a secret meaning where it really does not exist, of course, it’s very similar to the metaphor of the fact that we forgot how to handle lipsticks.

“Lipsticks left a long time ago, and now they are returning a little – when a whole generation is accustomed to using liquid shines without any contours,” thinks Viktoria Panafidina. 

And recommends to restore the forgotten art of a hard hand – because the fashionable juicy lipstick this winter, we wear it with an ideal strict contour.

To make the lips really delineate, Victoria Panafidina recommends the following scheme:

• Apply a tonal basis;
• Lip the lips with a contour pencil;
• Apply the first layer of lipstick;
• Wipe the lipstick with a tissue;

• lightly powder with a broad brush – preferably through a thin napkin;
• Apply a second layer of lipstick.

A variety of shades of fashionable lipstick allows you to find your color for everyone. “If the complexion, rather pink, chilly, choose the shades of lipstick with a raspberry tint, – advises the makeup artist Irina Zmicherovskaya. – If warm, yellowish, golden – warm, terracotta shades of red. Very pale girls can choose red lipstick only if they consciously create a certain, rather catchy image – for example, under Marilyn Monroe. ”

Powdered sugar

Do not forget that powder and tonal funds in the winter not only decoration, but also additional protection, a kind of “coat”, which protects from cold and weathering of the skin. As for the fluctuations “on the tone lighter or darker?”, Then this winter it is definitely decided in favor of the first option. The complexion of the coming winter keeps a steady trend for a natural, fresh, healthy hue, recalls Victoria Panafidina, – but with a certain bias in retro: matte light skin. In a word, the subscription to the solarium and bronzantes to the girls, who are anxiously watching the fashion, should be shoved in the same long box as the shine with gold particles. “The main trend of this winter, in my opinion, is aristocratic white matte leather,” explains Maria Lipatnikova. – In the daytime on the light skin blush can make such healthy-fresh pink cheeks.

And in the evening version, many designers this year tend to gothic madness – white porcelain skin, plus red or even black lips. ” 

Coffee with cinnamon

When the lips become bright, the eyes, of course, should be more modest. So, we put less carcass and choose natural monochrome shadows. This season in the top shades of all shades of brown – from neutral beige to shades of spices and autumn foliage. If the color hunger does not let go, and red lipstick does not entice – brown shades can be combined, shading, with burgundy or purple.

The eyebrows, advises Mrs. Panafidina, are not bad to be of medium width and without radical color solutions – instead of pencil they can be emphasized by the same brown shadows. “In principle, fashion, as always, is very diverse, but the trend towards natural, natural shades is very noticeable, as is the desire – if we talk about daytime casual make-up – to monochrome, neutrality, rejection of bright colors,” sums up Maria Lipatnikova.

So, the most trendy make-up of the coming winter for the day – fresh light skin, lips of a natural shade, preferably not shiny, but matte, and slightly highlighted with brown eyes. Makeup for the evening – bright juicy lips on the porcelain face, femme fatale classic. The difference is in saturation and density.

In general, fashion trends this winter obviously try to warm us with warm shades. But for those who belong to the colder type, the fashion for the combination of smoky eyes, executed in gray tones, with pale lips, is preserved.

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