May 24, 2024

Our ultimate edit of every dress that’ll make you stand-out throughout party season

The advent calendars have been opened, the trees are up and the Gavin Stacey Christmas special is on repeat… December has finally arrived, and with it the onslaught of invitations. It’s called ‘party season’ for a reason, after all.

And while the prospect of infinite nights on the trot spent clutching endless spice-filled, festive takes on your favourite cocktail seems somewhat daunting, nothing is more so than the ‘nothing-to-wear’ conundrum.

Our bumper guide to every single accessory you need to complete your look this party season

The best way to avoid such a scenario? Plan ahead. Work out how many feasible looks you can pull together from pieces you already own (absolutely zero #amiright? ), and then do one mass bulk-buy for the rest. Probably online because… you know… Christmas shopping changing rooms (shudder).

Our ultimate edit of every dress that'll make you stand-out throughout party season

If you’re contemplating trouser suits, sequin skirts and/or zhuzhing up your jeans then we salute you, but the easiest way to get through is via a one-piece-wonder. More specifically, a dress.

Forget curating #lewks, after a day at work (and 9 consecutive nights on the tiles), the last thing you want to be doing is faffing over an untucked top or worrying about silhouettes.

The ultimate party shoe edit that’ll ensure you slay all season

Recycle last night’s heels, throw on a dress and hey presto.

Scroll down to shop our edit of the best party dresses that’ll make you stand-out all season…

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