3 Reasons You’ll Want To Set Your Service Area On Yelp

Imagine if the leads reaching out to your business already knew just how far you’re willing to travel. You’d probably save time returning calls and responding to messages.

More importantly, you wouldn’t have to master the exquisite art of letting someone down easy. Freeing up time means you have more time to invest in building your business.

The Service Area feature of your Yelp page, can help you do just that. You’re probably wondering, “what if I don’t travel?” Then a service area isn’t for you. This feature is for businesses that service customers where they are. Think plumber, locksmith, electrician, and a come-to-you phone repair. It’s dependent on the categories you’re in as a business owner.

If you think a Service Area is right for your business, continue to learn three more benefits of having a service are and how to set it up.

1. It shows people how far you’re willing to travel

Service Area on a Yelp business page

By setting your Service Area you’re telling people just how far you’re willing to travel for a job. It shows up in the map of your Yelp page. So anyone finding you through Yelp automatically sees where you work. Your Service Area arms them with a little bit more information to think about before they reach out to get a quote or schedule an appointment. You’ll finally have fewer do-you-come-out-here calls and messages.

The best part is that your service area will let you get granular – we’re talking down to the zip code. So you’re getting connected to consumers in the places you want to work.

2. Get requests from people in your Service Area

Do you have messages enabled on your page? If you’re looking for more quote requests, you should. Our Request A Quote feature is popular with consumers. It allows them to request quotes from multiple businesses at the same time. The requests go right to your inbox at biz.yelp.com and in our app for business owners.

If you’d like to do a better job of connecting only with consumers in your area for quote requests, set up a Service Area. Request A Quote relies on your service area to better promote your business.

3. It’s free (and easy) to set up

Yup, you read that right. Having a Service area is free and really simple to set up.

How to Create Your Service Area

Your Service Area shows Yelp users how far you’re willing to travel for a job. It will help you connect with the right customers – improving the location accuracy of inquiries you get from users searching Yelp for businesses like yours. Update your Service Area to let Yelp users know if you service their neighborhood.

Set your Service Area:
  1. Login to your Yelp Business Page at biz.yelp.com
  2. Go to the Business Information tab
  3. Find Service Area in the Basic Information Section
  4. Click on Not Defined
  5. Enter the cities or zip codes your business services
  6. Click Save Publish

Yelp allows you to enter up to 6 major cities or zip codes that your business serves. Any cities between the locations you specify will be included in your Service Area automatically. It’s limited to a 50-mile radius or a 100-mile diameter between the two furthest points.

Are you willing to push your boundaries for the right job? You can specify further areas you service in the Specialties section of your business page. You can take it a step further by posting a full highlighted map of the areas you service in your photos. Our photo slideshow upgrade will let you put that image first in your photo carousel.

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