April 13, 2024

Our little white book of all things bridal beauty from the editor who has tried every pre-wedding treatment going

Who doesn’t love a facial? It allows us time to switch off, relax and indulge in some ‘me’ time which let’s face it you’ll need when planning a wedding. I always think, there’s facials two types of facials (I know there’s lots more, bear with) but you have the ones that really get to work on your skin – extraction, LED and lymphatic drainage massage.

And then there’s those that are all about double, triple cleansing, masks, and massage. Here’s the thing – I love both and not one is better than the other. It’s about working what’s best for you and areas of concern you want to address before heading down the aisle.

Leave at least six months before starting a course of facials, this allows time to fix anything and to always see results.

Don’t know where to start for your big day regime? Let us help. We’ve tried the treatments to find what works, what’s best and more importantly, what doesn’t, so you don’t waste your hard earn cash and time, which means more money for the big day budget, right?


What I’m loving at the moment and I genuinely noticed a difference in my skin after one treatment were: Personalised facial, Espa and Immortelle Precious Facial, Loccatiane.


If you already have your tried-and-tested hairdresser, I wouldn’t recommend changing for the big day. It’s important to have a relationship with who does your hair, someone who gets your vision, understands how your hair works and most importantly, someone you trust!

The morning of your wedding will be stressful and it’s good to be around people you love. However, for whatever reason your hairdresser is unavailable – fear not, you’re still in safe hands. Book into a salon for a trial, bring photos of your dress veil and ask as many questions as you want. You want to make sure its perfect and what you want before leaving the salon. Salons tend to also have a bridal specialist and bridal menus from pretty ponytails, soft waves, classic up-dos but do ask if there’s something else you want.

Salons that I highly recommend and based all over the UK: Electric, Toni Guy and Head Masters.


Your bridal fragrance is undeniably the most important scent of your life. Enjoy the search and fall madly in love with my stress-free shopping advice and fabulous new recommendations. First up, look at your scents at home; is there a unifying thread? Perhaps they’re all citrusy colognes, or rich and spicy, or maybe you’ve got half a dozen versions of rose. Condense this style into three key words. For instance: pink, pretty and floral; or big, bold and glamorous; modern, clean and fresh.

When shopping for your scent, get to the stores early to avoid the perfume fog – you need a clear palette to be able to smell everything clearly. Wanting a more personal experience – I highly recommend booking in for a scent consultation. It’s great to find something that compliments you both. You’ll be asked a series of questions about you, your likes/dislikes and of course your wedding. Everything from the flowers, décor and stationery.

Mani Pedi

Nail art, barely their blush or something bold, the options are endless. Nailing the perfect mani is a hard job as your hands play a centre stage role in your big day – so no pressure! They’re part of your vows, every friend and family member will want to see them and chances are your photographer will be snapping them a lot. So where to start? I always say choose something that you’ve had before and you were happy with.

There’s nothing worse in choosing a colour, getting home and hating it. It’s also worth noting lighter colours pick up dirt easily, so if you can get your mani three days before to ensure it stays looking its best. Also cuticle oil is underrated – I always find it helps revive my manicure and gives it a new lease of life plus keep dry skin at bay.

Some of my fave places to book in for a manicure: Cowshed, Dryby, Elemis and Nails Inc.

Now for pedis; again choose something that suits you. Are you going on your honeymoon straight after? Perhaps a pop of colour – I love a vibrant red or coral. To make sure your feet are in top condition, Margaret Dabbs suggests: “Get regular pedicure appointments booked well in advance of the big day. You should really be looking at a 12-week schedule to get feet in tip top condition. ” Book in for a regular pedicure at Margaret Dabbs and I promise you will leave feeling lighter – performed by a qualified Podiatrist which will leave you feeling like you are walking on air, with feet which look and feel brand new.


In need of the perfectly tamed brows – who isn’t it? ! But when to get them done ahead of the big day? “The best time to get your brows will be a week prior to the big day, to ensure this gives your skin time to settle, ready for that perfect make up application on the day. ” Says Lauren Hogsden, Senior MUA Brow expert for Benefit Cosmetics.


Can you imagine not having to worry about whether your mascara is going to run or come off? Falsies are the answer, whether its individual or Russians they both add instant volume and make eyes appear wider and fuller. The best thing to do is search on Instagram for the area you live in and #lashes. I’ve used five different girls and discovered them this way, most of them are mobile so can be done in the comfort in your home.

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