Our favourite dry shampoo has been pimped with perks

Yes, we’re talking about dry shampoo – the sprayable hair saviour that tricks others into thinking you woke up on the first alarm, showered, blowdried, then sang a little song while the cartoon birds helped you dress.

Our favourite dry shampoo has been pimped with perks, and it's even better than before

Not grunted, hit snooze and rolled over for an extra 30 mins of shut-eye *guilty*.

It’s a staple in everyone’s styling kit for refreshing hair and injecting oomph.

Some say ‘don’t fix what ain’t broke’, and those people most likely use Batiste. Much more than a grease dissolver, this high street hero gives our plaits grip, adds volume and can even cover up greys (Batiste for brown hair, we salute you), all for under £5. But what if we told you our favourite hair multitasker could in fact be improved?

The new Batiste collection of sprays combines its signature freshness with tender loving haircare – lightweight, invisible formulas will instantly revitalise and boost your hair’s health, for a salon fresh ‘do. Extra perks include UV and heat protection, even more volume and hair hydration.

There’s five fresh launches to choose from, so what are you waiting for? Select your spray and get spritzing, with some top tips from stylist Valerie Benavides. Oh, and don’t forget to visit our Batiste stand at the GLAMOUR Beauty Festival, at London’s Saatchi Galley from 8th to 10th March. Tickets available on Eventbrite now.

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