Zoom-worthy tops to transform your WFH wardrobe

Then we panicked that we may never, actually, wear clothes again, so spent a week or two assuring ourselves that a good pair of jeans, fun top and our favourite shoes would work wonders for our mental state. Hey, some of us even put heels on for a kitchen-table-date-night.
Much like our kitchen habits – which have moved through the banana bread, homemade burgers, sourdough loaf, easter cakes and dalgona coffee stages – our isolation wardrobes have seen several different incarnations over these past six weeks.

We began with a few days in full WFH-novelty mode, luxuriating in the lack of excuses to *ever* change out of pyjamas.

We soon admitted to ourselves that denim has nowhere near enough breathability to accommodate the thousands of extra calories we’ve been inhaling in order to perk up a dull day, and resorted to tracksuits. Not quite pyjamas but certainly comfier than regular clothes, they’ve so far lasted far longer as a go-to option in the morning than their predecessors.

We are, however, considering another small update.

Nothing as drastic as our previous transformations, fear not, but one that’ll perhaps offer a small smidge of aesthetic variation on those endless full-team Zoom calls. I’d say it was possibly the moment we realised six of us were wearing a hoodie in the same shade of grey that encouraged this movement, but we can’t be sure.

So what’s the next step, I hear you cry?

Cute tops.

Now don’t panic. You don’t need to change *any* other part of your look. Keep the joggers. Keep the slippers. Even keep the lack-of-bra, should you wish. But we encourage you to zhush up your upper half, whether that be via a puffed-sleeve, a floral pattern or a supersized collar, it’ll make you feel like a new woman.

Scroll down to shop the 22 tops we guarantee will transform those Zooms for the better…

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