July 15, 2024

Our editors swear by this brand for wardrobe basics and back-to-office essentials

In amongst their array of sought-after new releases and trending styles are a handful of cult pieces which, try as other brands might, can never be beaten in the minds of the influencer.

These pieces have garnered cult status thanks to their amazing fit, the quality of the fabrics, choice of colours and versatility. And purse-friendly price, of course. We can confidently say that they tick every basic box imaginable.

As super-fans of the brand, we could probably list upwards of 75 pieces we’re loving, buying and wearing right now. But that wouldn’t be helpful to anyone. So, we caught up with the Arket team to find out which of their cult basics are selling the fastest online right now, just in time for your return to the office. ‘Cos where better to draw wardrobe inspo than from the pieces fellow members of the fash-pack are *genuinely* loving?

Basics form the foundations of any capsule wardrobe. That much we already know. From jeans that make you feel a million dollars to a *really* good plain white tee, basics are the bones of the rest of your collection. They tie everything together, keep things looking fresh and help you out endlessly on days when inspiration is sparse.

Of which, there are likely to be a fair few in the coming weeks. After months wearing nothing but loungewear and a trusty tracksuit, getting dressed for the office once more might seem a little daunting. But fear not! If bold and floral summer dresses or tops with oversized collars fill you with post-lockdown fear, investing in a few comfy staples that look great and still kinda feel like your pyjamas is *the* way to go.

But where to shop for them? Ask any Fashion Editor and they’ll likely have Arket at the top of their list. The H&M-owned brand reigns supreme when it comes to well made, long-lasting, Scandi-inspired staples that fit seamlessly into any pre-existing clothing collection. Whatever your personal style.

One of said best-sellers is their crew-neck white t-shirt which is, hands down, one of the best white t-shirts on the market. Giving designer options a run for their money for just £15. It’s not only accessibly priced, but it falls beautifully, isn’t too loose nor too tight, and it covers up everything you might be wearing underneath. Seriously – dare to wear a brightly coloured bra underneath and no one will ever know.

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