Our edit of reed diffusers will make your home smell like a sanctuary

Our sense of smell is our most primitive sense (located in the same part of the brain that affects emotions and memories) so it’s not surprising that having a pleasant smelling room will immediately lift your mood.

And whilst we’re big fans of scented candles and essential oil diffusers to also stimulate our noses, a reed diffuser is the most effective way to keep the good smells – and feelings – going on a consistent basis.

“Keep calm and carry on” might have been a British way of life for centuries but it’s been a very long time since it last felt so pertinent. Because with us all in yet another lockdown, what else is there to do but keep going until the light at the tunnel starts to shine?

In an effort to do so, we’ve all made small daily changes to not only keep calm, but keep sane. From starting journaling to going for more long walks than we ever would’ve thought possible or indulging in an extended night-time skincare routine at the end of *another* day spent at home, these little things all help to maintain our sense of inner equilibrium.

On top of these habits, almost all of us have made changes to our homes to make them a calmer, happier place – it’s amazing the difference a few indoor plants or a cosy throw blanket makes. And one of the quickest ways to make your home even more of a sanctuary is by strategically scenting it with your favourite smells, with the help of a reed diffuser.

Having purchased my own fair share of reed diffusers, though, I know they’re not always as effective as I hoped for. The trick is to keep their use to smaller or more contained rooms, rather than open-plan spaces, and of course, choosing a reed diffuser that *actually* works and maintains its scent.

With our edit of the best reed diffusers, we can guarantee you’ll not only find a scent that stimulates ALL the positive vibes, but you’ll actually notice.

From designer reed diffusers that will also form part of your home decor – like this L’Objet porcelain diffuser set and this Tom Dixon citrusy scented vessel – to simpler designed diffusers that just do the job of smelling incredible (Cowshed’s uplifting offering springs to mind), we’ve covered all scented bases. Now breathe.

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