Fall vitamin deficiency: what are the ingredients in cosmetics will save your skin

With winter approaching, we often feel fatigue, lack of energy and drowsiness. These symptoms can be signs of vitamin deficiency, which becomes frequent the reason of occurrence of health problems during this period.

Beriberi is one of the factors changing the condition of our skin. About how to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon, and what are the ingredients in cosmetics will help the skin come back to normal, tell the chief technologist of the laboratory of modern cosmetics MIXIT Galina Ryazanova.

Beriberi is a painful condition that has its characteristic features and develops as a result of prolonged unbalanced diet in which the body does not get essential vitamins.

As beriberi affects of the skin and hair?

If you notice split ends on the hair, brittleness of the nail plate and the skin peeling, then chances are you have a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body. Why does it occur? The important role played by the inflow of nutrients from food.

Осенний авитаминоз: какие ингредиенты в косметике спасут вашу кожу

Modern food with its semi-finished products, fast food and unrefined cereals and quick unhealthy snacks significantly affects our state. Another cause of vitamin deficiency may be a violation of the digestive processes, as well as long-term use of drugs that block the action of vitamins (e.g., antibiotics).

Осенний авитаминоз: какие ингредиенты в косметике спасут вашу кожу

Beriberi often adversely affects the appearance, so if the skin becomes dull, dry, on a face appear inflammation, an urgent need “to feed.” Lack of vitamins A, C and E leads to the formation of acne, so you should include in your daily diet foods that contain these vitamins.

When vitamin deficiency occurs early skin aging and can also develop severe disease. A deficiency of vitamin B2 contributes to increased secretion of sebaceous glands, the appearance of spider veins and redness. A lack of vitamin E promotes the formation on the skin stretch marks.

The role of vitamins in cosmetics

Vitamins are considered to be one of the most effective ingredients in cosmetic products. Where they can be found? It can be all kinds of serums, lotions, masks, creams and gels. The most popular vitamins that are added to cosmetics, are considered to be F, H, C, A, E, B3, B5. They have a variety of effects on the skin, and reduce wrinkles and lighten age spots, decrease inflammation and protect from UV damage. Some of the vitamins help to reduce age spots and scars, prevents photoaging and moisturize dry skin.

We will look at some of vitamins read more:

Осенний авитаминоз: какие ингредиенты в косметике спасут вашу кожу
Vitamin H

This vitamin is known as Biotin, it is often called the “beauty vitamin”. It helps keep our skin and hair healthy and youthful appearance, as it is involved in the synthesis of fats and carbohydrates, with the help of the body create collagen.

Vitamin F

Осенний авитаминоз: какие ингредиенты в косметике спасут вашу кожу

It is necessary for the growth and maintenance of healthy skin and nails. When you are deficient in this vitamin, skin becomes dry and rough. This vitamin allows the skin is soft and elastic state at the same time. Another beneficial effect of vitamin F – to maintain protective functions of the skin. If this vitamin in the body, the skin retains moisture and blocks toxins. And in the case when you have a lack of vitamin F, the skin becomes lifeless and dry and the nails become brittle, hair become dull.

Vitamin C

He – ascorbic acid, a strong antioxidant. Vitamin C restores skin cells, improves immunity and fights free radicals. It is extremely useful to those that promotes the production of collagen, which helps slow aging and prevents wrinkle formation. With a lack of vitamin C on the face can appear spider veins, dark circles under the eyes. Overall, the complexion becomes worse.

Vitamin A

Осенний авитаминоз: какие ингредиенты в косметике спасут вашу кожу

He is also familiar retinol. Has a unique feature: fights free radicals thereby making the skin elastic. If the body enough vitamin A, your skin will look fresh, radiant and toned. In case of deficit the main problem is the appearance of the face wrinkles, acne and dry skin.

Vitamin B3

Also known as Niacinamide is the active ingredient for the skin at the cellular level. It provides elasticity to the skin, helps lighten pigmentation, gives the skin a radiant well-rested look by stimulating the production of collagen, ceramides and lipids.

Vitamin B5 (D-panthenol)

Осенний авитаминоз: какие ингредиенты в косметике спасут вашу кожу

Vitamin B5 is responsible for protein and carbohydrate and fat metabolism. It moisturizes and soothes the skin, relieves irritation and itching, has a strong rejuvenating and soothing effect. And gives the skin softness, elasticity and reduces redness and flaking.

In the makeup often can be seen as a complex of vitamins and some of their types. But if you are faced with a serious vitamin deficiency, you should consult a specialist to develop a scheme of action. And for the overall maintenance of good skin condition during the off-season is enough just to pay attention to your diet and daily skin care.

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