This ‘glory oil’ clears up acne scars for good in just four months

In a recent post, the social media star opened up about her debilitating struggle with adult acne, which took her “to hell and back” and left her with severe acne scarring.

Georgie Stevenson might be known across the world for her motivational workouts, healthy cooking hacks and empowering conversations about body confidence, but the glowing, all-Australian lifestyle we’ve come to see on our Instagram feeds wasn’t always so picture-perfect.

The 25-year-old law graduate-turned-fitfluencer stunned her followers with she shared before-and-after images of her incredible skin transformation, revealing that the saviour acne treatment responsible for clearing her skin condition was in fact a humble facial oil.

Georgie took to Instagram to explain that while she’d usually turn to in-clinic skin treatments such as skin needling and peels to help reduce the appearance of her pitted scars, after a second bout of acne at the start of the year, she started to search for a product that was “less invasive” to help her skin heal.

The product she eventually decided upon was the Glory Oil, from Australian brand Eco by Sonya Driver, described as a ‘miraculous night and day treatment oil’, and formulated with a blend of organic ingredients designed to restore skin to its natural radiance.

Those all-natural ingredients come in the form of three, omega abundant super seeds, including inca inchi, acai and pumpkin seed oil, which plump the skin, reduce the appearance of scars, and smooth the complexion.

“I started using @ecobysonya glory oil in January which is treatment oil that reduces the appearance of scars and fine lines and restores your skin to its true glory,” Georgie explained in her Instagram post.

“I’ve used and loved a lot of the other Eco Tan products before so I thought why not try it!,’ she continued, sharing side-by-side comparisons of her acne-scarred skin, and radiantly clear skin, taken just four months apart.”

The multitasking oil, which costs £39.95, isn’t just the preserve of acne-sufferers though, as it’s also been hailed as a wonder for soothing a variety of irritating skin concerns, such as rosacea, psoriasis and painful eczema flare-ups.

“I am so impressed with the results!,” Georgie enthused. “My scars and pigmentation have faded so much and my skin is feeling so good.”

Now we’ve got the secret to Georgie’s glowing skin, all we need now is some of that Australian sunshine. Summer, we’re ready for you…

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