Here’s where you can get 100s of audiobooks for free

Already gotten round to all the tasks you’d been putting off – spring-cleaning your wardrobe, cleaning out your makeup bag, feng-shui-ing your WFH office, and loads of other things you’d never usually have time for?

What a time to be alive. For most of us, we’ve gone from total business as usual – commuting to work, being out and about in the world and socialising (remember that?) – to spending all our time within our own four walls, within a matter of weeks.

GLAMOUR also has you covered with the best of entertainment, from movies, podcasts, TV shows and books to keep you going for the duration of isolation.

But if you’re in need of a break from all that constant screen time – or fancy getting totally wrapped up in a great story as you cook up some tinned feasts, great news. Audiobook site Audible has just made hundreds of its titles available for free.

On its new discover page, Audible lists a whole host of gems to add to your reading list. There’s a focus on titles for young kids and teens – in a statement on its website the company said that they’ll be available for as long as schools are closed – but there are also tons of listens for adults too.

There really has never been a better time to catch up on all those classics you’ve always meant to read. Loved the Jane Eyre movie with Michael Fassbender? The book will be so much better now you can imagine him as Mr Rochester. And you may be pretty familiar with Pride Prejudice, but what about Jane Austen’s lesser-known – but even better – late novel Persuasion?

Other masterpieces you can brag about reading/listening to include The Jungle Book, Wuthering Heights, The Picture Of Dorian Gray and The Scarlet Letter. There are even books in French, German, Spanish and Italian in case you’ve decided to work on your language skills while isolating.

Audible says: “We recognise that people are at home, in many cases with children home from school, and that stories have the power to entertain, teach and to keep minds active, alert, and engaged.”

Happy listening.

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