July 20, 2024

OPI Just Made Taking Off Gel Nail Polish at Home Totally Foolproof 

If the only reason you don’t get gel manicures, despite your growing Pinterest board of nail art looks, is because taking them off is labor-intensive torture, we have good news.

OPI doesn’t want to put you in any more nails-on-a-chalkboard situations, so they formulated a new system of polishes that can be soaked off in as little as seven minutes without any scraping.

The system needs to work as a team for it to work, though. It starts with the ProHealth Technology Base Coat, which helps to protect your nail underneath the polish, and given gel nail polish’s reputation for making your nails brittle, flaky, and weak, this is a vital step that can’t be skipped.

Then comes the GelColor polish, which is available in 60 different shades, and now demonstrates the color on the outside of the bottle, so you really know what you’re painting onto your nail beds. We’re big fans of Cajun Shrimp, a warm orange, and Gelato on My Mind, a cool pastel blue, but there’s a hue for pretty much every style preference. The last step is the ProHealth Technology Top Coat, which is what keeps your manicure chip-free and preserves the shine of the polish – so the reason you get gel manis to begin with, right?

Of course, every step needs to be dried with the nail UV light, which cures the polish and locks it into place.

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The time of removal is where the real magic is, though. As per usual, you’ll soak your cotton pad in acetone, place it on your nail, and wrap it in aluminum foil. Then, in about seven minutes, you should be able to unwrap the foil and slide off the polish with a little help from a cuticle pusher. The polish might already be broken apart when you take off the pad and the oil, making things even easier.

Visit your nearest salon that carries OPI productsto give the system a go. You can also find the closest salon by using the Salon Finder on OPI’s website.

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