China won’t require animal testing on cosmetic products from 2020

Obviously, our love of beauty shouldn’t come at the cost of animal welfare, and the prospect of animal testing has also prevented many companies from pursuing interests in China, especially given the innovations in cruelty-free makeup that have revolutionised the industry in recent times.

With the world’s largest beauty economy, cracking China is a top priority for most major beauty companies. But until now, there’s been one rather big problem: the country legally requires brands to submit their products for animal testing before they can go on sale.

Now, after years of lobbying, the Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS) has announced that, from 2020, the Chinese government has approved nine new methods for cosmetic testing methods that do not involve animals.

According to an IIVS statement, the new alternative methods will become the favoured option for cosmetic testing, helping China to to modernise its registration and pre-market approval of ingredients.

China won't require animal testing on cosmetic products from 2020

The Humane Society International said that the news was “encouraging”, but added it was no guarantee that pre-market or post-market testing would cease in China.

The new legislation will take effect on January 1, 2020, which can’t come soon enough as we move ahead to create a fairer future for our planet.

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