One Sip of This Brazilian Limeade and Your Tastebuds Will Be in Tropical Paradise

Our drink catalog is heaving with summer recipes, and just when we thought we couldn’t squeeze in one more, TikTok stepped in yet again with a refreshing icy beverage: Brazilian limeade.

The recipe is pretty straightforward to follow, which we love, and only calls for a handful of ingredients. Not to mention, it takes less than no time to make and can be blended in big batches, making it the perfect poolside pairing.

To whip up your own Brazilian limeade, chop five limes into eighths and toss into a blender along with 3/4 cups sugar, 1/2 condensed milk, and about four cups water. Blend until all ingredients are fully incorporated, especially the lime peels as they contain a majority of the lime flavoring.

Next, separate your liquid mixture from any remaining lime pieces by pouring the blend over a strainer. Place the drink blend back into the blender with three cups water. After a few seconds of blending, pour over ice, stir, sip, and enjoy!

Ahead, see how others are making and garnishing their own Brazilian limeades at home. And if you’re looking to make yours a little boozy, add a shot of your favorite liquor – we hear rum tastes best!

“Let’s Start Drinking”: Amy Schumer’s Upcoming At-Home Cooking Show Looks Incredible

Amy Schumer Learns to Cook isn’t only the cooking show we want right now; it’s the show we need. The comedian just announced the upcoming arrival of her at-home Food Network series featuring her husband, Chris Fischer, who is actually an acclaimed chef. The recently released trailer consists of all the wonderful one-liners you might expect, like, “People flip houses. We flip latkes.”

“People flip houses. We flip latkes.”

Filmed by the couple’s nanny, Jane, the eight-episode show will kick off with a double-episode premiere on May 11. Though the title sums up the show quite nicely, the series will follow Amy as she tries her hand at various recipes, including the perfect poached egg, peanut butter cup cookies, fish tacos, chicken wings, and more.

Many cocktails are also made and imbibed along the way. As Amy says in the trailer, “Let’s start drinking.”

“Watching Amy and Chris is intimate, real, fun and just great TV,” said Food Network President Courtney White in a press statement. “The nanny holds the camera, as Chris makes incredibly delicious food and Amy’s sharp wit delivers laugh out loud moments all the way through.” Amy and Chris, meanwhile, simply said, “We hope people like the show, we did our best.” We have a feeling their best is pretty damn good. Enjoy a first look at Amy Schumer Learns to Cook ahead.

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