This tampon brand is *literally* changing the world

Meet Ohne, the brand that delivers 100% organic cotton tampons. But that’s not all it does. Check out its Instagram page and you’ll be met with images of of empowered and liberated women, who are not shying away from the fact that they have periods.

There’s no blue liquid in place of red blood, there’s no women dancing through fields in white dresses, and there’s no pink. It’s a real depiction of real women, in all their shapes and sizes, and in all their glory.

Periods are a fact of life. But the fact is, they are a little problematic. From the plastic pollution that is caused from all the single-use tampon applicators, to period poverty and tampon tax, to discrimination and social stigma, periods are far from straightforward. But one brand is quietly changing the game, not only with their toxin-free, organic cotton tampons, but also with their empowering branding and charitable initiatives.

“We want to push the boundaries on what’s been considered ‘normal’ in menstrual health advertising and make sure we’re inclusive and authentic in our approach,” say brand founders Nikki Michelsen and Leah Remfry-Peploe. “We want to show the most powerful representation we have to offer of periods and the people who experience them!”

Alongside the badass branding, Ohne also caters to convenience, offering a subscription service that delivers the number of tampons you need per period, at regular (or irregular!) intervals, so you’re never caught off guard. “Not everyone has a 5 day cycle that lasts 28 days and we wanted to reflect this – our subscription allows our customers to tailor their order to the needs and length of their cycle.”

But one of the main pulling points of the brand is their transparency when it comes to their product. “People don’t know what’s in the period products they’re using because no one is offering up that information or kick starting that conversation.” Turns out, traditional tampons can be full of toxins – that we then push up inside us for up to six hours. Poor vaginas. And while the brand is consciously non-preachy when it comes to sustainability, Ohne does have the environment in mind.

“We love that there are reusable options out there such as period pants and menstrual cups, but we know that they’re not right for everyone. Organic tampons are a great alternative to the plastic-wrapped, toxin-filled mainstream products most of us are used to using. But really, we just want to make sure that everyone has the option and education needed to make informed decisions that are best for their bodies and their eco-conscience.”

And speaking of conscience, the brand is also helping to alleviate period poverty across the world, starting with the Menstrual Health Management programme with School Club Zambia, donating 5% of revenue to the initiative that helps to improve hygiene, make reusable pads and educate young women about periods. Pretty impressive, huh?

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