We hope it delivers a message to the industry as a whole

One such brand hoping to change that and bring modest fashion to the mass market in the UK is Verona Collection.

Despite a worth of over $240 billion globally, ‘modest fashion‘ is a term not commonly recognised within the UK fashion industry. It refers to clothing that is deemed on-trend yet relatively covered and can include hijabs and abayas as well as tops, trousers, cardigans and dresses that feature a modest cut.

Initially launched in 2015 in America, Verona Collection was snapped up by department store Macy’s. Now, in a groundbreaking move, ASOS has announced it will be stocking the label, too. By launching onto such a major retail giant, the brand will be able to offer modest fashion pieces while delivering a strong message to the industry – and what a brilliant message to be spreading, right?

Founded by fashion photographer Lisa Vogl and fashion designer Alaa Ammuss, who struggled to find modest fashion at an affordable price, Verona Collection began with a small investment of just $7000. A few months after launch, the founders partnered with British entrepreneur and philanthropist, Hassan Mawji, to grow the collection and leverage his networks to scale the business.

Speaking about landing ASOS as a stockist, Hassan Mawji said: “Our partnership with ASOS marks a big milestone for Verona and the modest fashion industry – we’ve carefully curated this collection with ASOS and we’re excited for the opportunities this opens up.”

The collection will include a variety of Hijabs, modest tops, dresses and trousers.

ASOS’ decision to stock Verona Collection is a timely one as modest fashion gains more of a momentum in the UK. In 2017, London held its first-ever Modest Fashion Week and Nike has introduced its Pro Hijab line. Designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY and Dolce Gabbana have also embraced modest fashion with the latter producing a collection of hijabs and abayas. According to recent predictions, Muslim consumer clothing spend is expected to reach $368 billion by 2021, which could be a 51% increase since 2015.

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