Scrambled eggs, calorie

Naturally, thanks to abundance of food, many, especially adherents of a healthy diet and those who are watching weight, are interested in such simple questions as: what is an omelet-calorie, what is the benefit of the omelet, and whether this dish any dietary properties. First, about the useful properties:

Among the most common dishes, which we prefer for Breakfast is an omelet. This egg dish has a number of significant advantages that explain its popularity. The omelet is simple to prepare, but delicious and healthy.

To prepare the omelette is very easy – just beat the eggs with the salt, milk and mix is ready pour into the pan with sunflower oil. To make the omelet even more rich taste, as the ingredients include grated cheese, various meat products ( sausages, ham etc.) and veggies – onions, tomatoes, peppers, in General, that will tell You a fantasy.

Scrambled, use and dietary properties:

Scrambled, use and dietary svoistvami has a number of useful properties. And among all the dishes prepared from eggs, omelette, probably the most useful. This dish, of course, if it was properly cooked, retains all the beneficial properties of eggs.

Chicken eggs are a good source of bioactive components necessary for human. Vitamins include vitamins A, b, B6, D and E, folic acid (vitamin B9). The mineral composition include iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, copper. They also contain essential amino acids and complete protein. All these substances are contained in the egg is a perfectly balanced absorbed by the body as a whole.

One egg covers 25% of the daily amount of required substances. Therefore, it is recommended to use 2 eggs per day – in the form of an omelette, and boiled.

But raw eggs do not eat – they have substance that prevents the absorption of certain vitamins. Egg yolk in sufficient quantity contains vitamins B2, B12, A, D, lutein, iron, lecithin, and selenium. In addition, eggs are able to be a substitute for the best varieties of fish according to the presence of polyunsaturated fats and amino acids.

Omelet, calories:

But, speaking about the benefits of this dish, do not forget about its calorie content.

The calorie content of scrambled eggs is, on average, 120 kcal per 100 grams of product

Determine its calorie 10 oz. proteins, 16 gr. fat and only 2 grams. carbohydrates. Of course, this is inaccurate, as in an omelet, except the eggs, butter, milk and cheese, is often put many other products, which we have discussed previously.

And what is the calorie content of scrambled eggs, cooked in different ways? But this:

Table calorie omelet, 100 grams of product:
Product The calories in kcal
the calorie content of scrambled eggs with milk 115,0
the calorie content of scrambled eggs with tomato, s 99,0
the calorie content of scrambled eggs with cheese 342,0
the calorie content of scrambled eggs with mushrooms 83,0
the calorie content of scrambled eggs with ham 198,0
the calorie content of scrambled eggs with broccoli 104,0
the calorie content of scrambled eggs with vegetables 156,0
an egg-white omelette calorie 73,0

And the nutritional value of scrambled eggs, cooked in different ways, like this:

Table of nutritional values of omelette (PFC), per 100 grams of product:
Product Proteins, gr. Fat, gr. Carbs, g.
scrambled eggs with milk 8,5 7,6 2,5
omelette with tomato, s 5,7 6,6 3,6
omelette with cheese 16,0 29,0 2,5
scrambled eggs with mushrooms 5,3 6,1 2,5
omelette with ham 11,2 15,2 4,0
omelet with broccoli 6,0 7,0 6,0
omelet with vegetables 6,2 13,2 3,5
an egg-white omelette 8,6 3,4 1,7

How to cook this dish at home? Very simple! Here’s one recipe:

Omelette with tomatoAMI:


  • Egg – 4 pieces
  • Cheese – 150 gr.
  • Butter – 2 tablespoons
  • Tomatoes – 3-4 pieces
  • Green onion and salt to taste

Tomatoes are cleaned from the skin, rinsing it first with boiling water to peel behind easier. The pulp is cut into slices and fry in a pan (with butter). Roasted tomatos spread on a plate. Whisk the eggs (with salt), connect them with chopped onion and shredded cheese. All is mixed. Remaining butter melt in the pan, put it on the tomato’s and then add the prepared egg mixture.

Dish bake on low heat – about 5-8 minutes. When the omelet is ready – you can decorate it with chopped dill, parsley or green onions. Eat health! Though the calorie content of scrambled eggs is cooked in this recipe are not so small. So eat, but in moderation.

Omelette for weight loss

It would seem that there is nothing easier than to make for Breakfast diet delicious fluffy omelet. However, there are a few secrets that will make your dish less caloric. Diet omelet can be prepared as a standard method in a frying pan and a slow cooker, microwave or bake the omelet in the oven. The secret diet of scrambled eggs – use in the meal only of protein, eliminating the yolks. This dish has a lower calorie (54 calories instead of 184).

That’s really what you can please on a diet, so it’s an omelet cooked in a slow cooker. The sealed lid, in a slow cooker omelet is fluffy and tasty, does not lose its moisture, and retains all their nutrients, in particular vitamin D. Even the classic omelette recipe which everyone knows will turn out incredibly juicy and delicious! For the preparation of suitable programs: “Suppression”, “Control”, “Baking” temperature of 110 degrees, cooking time – 10 minutes.

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