May 25, 2024

Olivia Wilde Has Finally Dropped Her ‘Special’ Salad Dressing Recipe

Amid all the ex-nanny gossip circulating around Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis, the internet has been asking one burning question: What’s in the “special” salad dressing?

According to a new post by Wilde on Instagram, the answer is Grey Poupon.

Earlier this week, Daily Mail published an interview with Wilde and her ex-husband Jason Sudekis’s former nanny, who claimed that Sudeikis was blindsided by Wilde’s relationship with Harry Styles. Screenshots shared by the nanny indicated that Wilde’s relationship with Styles —whom she met on the set of her film Don’t Worry Darling – drove the couple apart.

In a September interview with Vanity Fair, Wilde denied that she left Sudeikis for Styles. “The complete horseshit idea that I left Jason for Harry is completely inaccurate,” she said. “Our relationship was over long before I met Harry. ”

But relationship drama isn’t what caught our attention. Texts the nanny shared with the Daily Mail also mention Wilde’s “special” salad dressing recipe. The nanny alleges that Sudekis, who was apparently very fond of the dressing, got particularly upset that Wilde made the dressing for Styles. It did not take long for Wilde to give the people what they want.

Now, Wilde has shared a photo of a page from Nora Ephron’s 1983 divorce novel, Heartburn, featuring the recipe.

Here it is: “Mix 2 tablespoons Grey Poupon mustard with 2 tablespoons good red wine vinegar. Then, whisk constantly with a fork, slowly add 6 tablespoons olive oil, until the vinaigrette is thick and creamy; this makes a very strong vinaigrette that’s perfect for salad greens like arugula and watercress and endive. ”

Heartburn – which was adapted into a 1986 film of the same name starring Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep and Stockard Channing – was inspired by Ephron’s marriage and divorce to journalist Carl Bernstein, who had an affair with the former Prime Minister of Britain’s daughter.

With all respect to Ephron, the dressing tastes better with a very small amount of honey. (I speak from experience, as I made this dressing last night. )

In a joint statement to People on Tuesday, Olivia Wilde and Sudeikis, who started dating in 2011 and called it quits in 2020, call the nanny’s claims “false and scurrilous”.

“As parents, it is incredibly upsetting to learn that a former nanny of our two young children would choose to make such false and scurrilous accusations about us publicly,” they said.

“Her now 18-month-long campaign of harassing us, as well as loved ones, close friends and colleagues, has reached its unfortunate apex,” they said.

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