Olivia Culpo Shares An Exclusive Look At Her Wardrobe Makeover With Celebrity Closet Designer Lisa Adams

When Olivia Culpo – winner of Miss Universe 2012, model and actress – began working on a full home design makeover with Homepolish, she immediately knew she also wanted to overhaul her closet, and that there was only one person who could handle it.

Luxury closet designer Lisa Adams – who launched LA Closet Design ten years ago – has become the go-to wardrobe designer for Khloe Kardashian, Jaime King, and Christina Aguilera. But it was social media, where the 26-year-old Culpo has attracted 2.7 million followers on Instagram alone, that brought her to Adams.

“I first discovered Lisa on Instagram and immediately liked her style,” says Culpo. “I love how clean and glamorous her designs look. I felt it was important to put effort into making sure the closet area was updated because it’s such a vital part of my day-to-day life.”

Here, along with an exclusive look at the final result, we talk to Culpo and Adams about the inspiration for the project, their favorite elements of the design, and how to recreate the wardrobe in your own home.

Architectural Digest: How would you define your personal style, and how did that translate into the design of your closet?

Olivia Culpo: I would describe my personal style as classic and tailored but also exploring and playing with current trends. Because of the way my home is laid out, the closet is very open and a large focal point, so it needed to be beautiful and functional but still reflect my style.

AD: You’re in the process of a full home makeover with Homepolish. Aside from the closet, what are a few standouts?

OC: I have a few statement pieces, like an Hermès throw blanket, a bar cart for entertaining, and gold accent pieces everywhere.

AD: What was your inspiration for the design of Olivia’s space?

Lisa Adams: I was inspired by Olivia’s description of her place as a ‘feminine bachelorette pad’ and by the space itself flowing from bedroom to bathroom. I wanted to take advantage of the loft feel but also incorporate Olivia’s favorite elements: white, crystal, mirror and marble.

AD: What are some of your favorite elements in your new closet? Are there any pieces you’re excited to display?

OC: I love everything about my closet. I love that I finally have enough space for everything and when all the drawers and closet doors are closed, the space looks clean and glamorous. I just splurged on a new black Chanel bag. It’s a beautiful piece, and timeless, so I know I’ll have it forever. I also recently launched a capsule collection with Marled that’s sold exclusively through Revolve, and it was such an exciting journey for me. Of course, the pieces are in my new closet!

LA: I love the back wall with the juxtaposition between the exposed pipes and the marble and mirror details. The floating shelves allow Olivia to showcase her bags and décor items – her personal style! Olivia’s favorite color is red so I wanted to have pops of red on display against the clean white cabinets.

AD: What was the process like, and did you do anything particularly special with this project?

LA: Olivia really trusted me and the process. She’s very visual so we used 3D renderings, and we texted and used Pinterest to send images back and forth. I was inclined to take the cabinets to the soffit and hide the exposed pipes but made the design direction to purposely expose them. I like how this turned out, which probably looks and feels different from my other projects.

AD: How can someone mimic the design of Olivia’s closet in their own home?

LA: You can mimic the design of Olivia’s closet in any home with mirrored cabinets, floating shelves and marble countertops. A great mirror, a make-up vanity and seating are good additions in any closet!

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